Bottled water market in APAC expected to reach over US $85 billion by 2019, says Technavio

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This market research report presents the segmentation of the bottled water market in APAC by product (still unflavored, still flavored, sparkling unflavored, and sparkling flavored) and by distribution channel (hypermarkets and supermarkets, on-trade, convenience stores, and independent retailers). The key vendors analyzed in this market analysis report are Danone, Nongfu Spring, Hangzhou Wahaha Group, and Coca-Cola.

Technavio’s market research analysts estimate the bottled water market in APAC to grow at a CAGR of around 12% between 2015 and 2019. The contamination of drinking water in this region is the key driver for the growth of this market. The major revenue contributing countries in the APAC market for bottled water include, India, China, Australia, Indonesia and Japan.

The new market research report from Technavio provides a breakdown and analysis of the bottled water segments by technology.

“Companies are investing in developing new flavors and packaging formats for bottled water. Vendors are introducing new varieties of bottled water such as flavored water and sparkling flavored water, owing to the high demand from consumers. Also, manufacturers are trying out innovative bottled water designs using lightweight and non-toxic materials to comply with environment regulations. For instance, Coca Cola has come up with a plant-based packing bottle, which uses up to 30% plant-based materials obtained from sugar cane or processed sugar cane waste,” says Sriram Mohan, Lead Analyst, Food & Beverages, Technavio Research.

The still unflavored segment dominates the market, occupying around 69% of the total market share. This bottled water does not contain carbon dioxide or any added flavour. Aquafina, AquaPura, and Evian are some of the popular still unflavored bottled water brands.

Bottled water market in APAC segmentation by product type

Source: Technavio Research

The leading vendors in the bottled water market in APAC include Danone, Nongfu Spring, Hangzhou Wahaha Group, and Coca-Cola. The market is highly fragmented with the presence of numerous international and regional players. The vendors in this market compete on the basis of product differentiation, portfolio, and pricing. Intense competition among vendors is estimated during the forecast period as a result of new product developments and increasing demand for bottled water.

A more detailed analysis is available in the Technavio report, Bottled Water Market in APAC 2015-2019.

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