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Global vinyl records market to grow at an incredible CAGR of more than 55% by 2020

Vinyl records: Key market research findings The US is the key revenue generating country in the market Vinyl LPs/Eps account for a majority share of the market revenue Key vendors – GZ Media, Optimal Media, United Record Pressing, Record Industry, and MPO Technavio’s market research analysts predict the global market for vinyl records to account…

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Electrical equipment industry

Leading Companies in the Electrical Equipment Industry in India

Power generation, transmission, and distribution are essential to the function of any country, and with India’s size and population, getting electricity to where it’s needed involves a significant amount of infrastructure. While the country has sufficient power generation capacity, it still lacks adequate transmission and distribution infrastructure for a substantial portion of the population. Demand…

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top watch brands

Top 10 Watch Brands in the World by Market Share in 2020

Technological sophistication, superior quality, enhanced designs, and craftsmanship. The global watch industry – led by many top-notch watch companies and watch brands – has always been focused on innovations and evolution that inspire consumers to spend more on luxurious watches. The demand for Swiss-made luxury watches remains high owing to rapidly growing economies and rising…

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What are Users Looking for in Assistive Technology Innovations?

Assistive technology innovations benefit hundreds of millions of people globally, allowing them to navigate in a world that is often not made with them or their needs in mind. Assistive technologies range from wheelchairs, artificial limbs, and canes to screen readers, apps, adaptive controllers, and much more. Anything that can maintain or improve functional capacities…

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Digital health technology

How is COVID-19 Impacting the Adoption of Digital Health Technology?

In today’s global environment, digital health technology is more important than ever. In-person visits at hospitals, clinics, and other healthcare institutions carry the risk of catching or spreading COVID-19, as does traveling to and from those locations for those who need to rely on public transit or taxis. These risks are compounded for individuals who…

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Semiconductor manufacturers

2020’s Top Semiconductor Manufacturers

In today’s increasingly connected world, semiconductors are more important than ever before. They power everyday devices such as phones, tablets, computers, gaming devices, routers, and much more. But they also play a key role in emerging technologies like autonomous vehicles, smart homes, and AI. As such, semiconductor manufacturers are essential to numerous other sectors. The…

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