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Top 16 Workforce Management System Providers

Workforce management (WFM) systems allow organizations to manage workforce efficiency and related factors such as expected workloads, ideal staff numbers, and technical capabilities of staff. WFM software ensures that an organization is functioning with an optimally productive team. It also helps in distributing the workforce efficiently across various departments in the organization. The core functions of WFM software include…

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Three Things that are Influencing Growth in the Vitamin Ingredients Market

The demand for vitamins, and consequently for vitamin ingredients, has been on a continuous rise over the past two decades, primarily on account of radical changes in lifestyles and diet patterns. Vitamin deficiency can also occur because of genetic disorders and modern food processing techniques. The number of vitamin deficiency cases is on the rise…

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Electrical equipment industry

Leading Companies in the Electrical Equipment Industry in India

Power generation, transmission, and distribution are essential to the function of any country, and with India’s size and population, getting electricity to where it’s needed involves a significant amount of infrastructure. While the country has sufficient power generation capacity, it still lacks adequate transmission and distribution infrastructure for a substantial portion of the population. Demand…

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top watch brands

Top 10 Watch Brands in the World by Market Share in 2020

Technological sophistication, superior quality, enhanced designs, and craftsmanship. The global watch industry – led by many top-notch watch companies and watch brands – has always been focused on innovations and evolution that inspire consumers to spend more on luxurious watches. The demand for Swiss-made luxury watches remains high owing to rapidly growing economies and rising…

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