trade management software

Automation Leading the Market Growth in 2019 for Global Trade Management Software

The global trade management software market has been growing at a rapid pace this decade, driven by the rising international trading activities and cross-border e-commerce businesses. Due to the immense benefits that trade management software can offer, companies are increasingly are nowadays adopting this software to plan, monitor, execute, and optimize all aspects of their…

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mobile payment trends

The Future Trends of Mobile Payment: NFC Payments to Expand its Majority Market Share

The adoption of mobile payment apps and mobile payment platforms has rapidly transformed the industry, providing a plethora of market opportunity for current market participants and new entrants. Technological advancements as the major mobile payment trends have enabled significant growth of the mobile payments market to the extent that about 2.1 billion people around the…

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edge computing

Edge Computing Market in 2019: 5G Spurring Higher Demand for Edge Computing

Edge computing is gaining immense popularity in today’s world of digitization. Edge computing allows continuative services and operations without the negative impact from intermittent cloud connections, therefore is being widely adopted by various of industries, such as manufacturing, telecom, healthcare and finance service sectors. With the growing demand for business operation efficiencies and cost reduction…

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RPA tools

RPA Tools Market: Why Robotic Process Automation Is Critical for Modern Business

RPA tools, also referred to as robotic process automation tools, are being increasingly adopted in various sectors of businesses including banking and financial services, IT, telecom, logistics, manufacturing and healthcare. This increased adoption is mainly attributed to its benefits such as increased operational efficiency, easy management, low cost, and low labour requirement. As more and…

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deep learning companies

Top 10 Deep Learning Companies in the World 2019

The global deep learning market is forecast to maintain its growing momentum throughout 2019, while the world’s top 10 deep learning companies are expected to continue their market leadership over next five years. Since deep learning technologies help to provide machine assistance by extending human capabilities, the rising demand for improved human and system interaction…

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big data in healthcare

Big Data in Healthcare: Higher Spending Expected in 2019

The global healthcare industry is currently booming, triggering higher demand for patient care management and medical innovations. One such major development is the adoption of big data in healthcare across the globe. Nowadays, an increasing number of hospitals and medical organizations are focusing on using big data and analytics to make healthcare services more effective,…

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devops tools

DevOps Tools Market: Rapid Growth Expected by 2022

The global DevOps tools market has remained strong, growing at a steady growth rate in recent years. With rapid development of IT infrastructure and software applications across various of industries around the world, the demand for advanced DevOps tools and platforms is expected to be higher than ever, driving the growth of the global DevOps…

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vr in education

VR in Education: How Virtual Reality Has Transformed School Teaching in 2019

Virtual reality used in education is becoming increasingly popular and this trend will continue as market growth is expected to witness a significant boom over the next five years. Many industry experts believe that the introduction of virtual reality (VR) technology for educational purposes is offering the best solution to improve the way of conventional…

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