This Week in Technology News : iPhone X’s Face ID, IBM’s Linux Mainframe & Equifax’s Troubles

This week has been particularly happening for the tech industry, with Apple’s iPhone X catching all the limelight across the globe. While initially it was the technology used and the pricing of the device which fed the news channels – now, it’s the Face ID feature which has kept techies on the hook.

iPhone X – the first handset from Apple to employ the Face ID feature, which is touted to be more secure than the fingerprint sensor, is apparently facing some major technical glitches. The Face ID system works with the help of TrueDepth camera by projecting out 30,000 invisible dots that pinpoint the curves of the head and other facial Global Smartphone Market 2017-2021-150x193features. But problem arises when anyone apart from the owner of the device, whose Face ID is fed in the system, tries to use it. Once the device fails to authenticate the face, it automatically goes back to the old-fashioned ‘password’ route.

Way back in 2011, it was Google which had introduced the facial recognition technology on its Android 4.0 OS. Apple’s Face ID system is way evolved than the technology used by Google six years back. Yet, technical problems like these raise questions on how user-friendly the facial recognition technology really is.

Another major news this week has been the launch of top-notch security in next-gen Linux mainframe. Known as LinuxOne Emperor II, the model is powered by the secure service container technology that protects data from external as well as internal threats, even if hackers gain access to an insider’s credentials. Rightly named as Emperor II, the framework provides heightened scalability and performance in the most optimized manner. The framework liberates the developers from the need to create code dependencies. Rather, now they can easily manage the various applications through Kubernetes and Docker tools, which are already present in the secure service container feature.Global Cyber Security Market 2017-2021

Lastly, the news that again brought criminal data breach into focus is the crack down on credit agency Equifax. Seen as a “historic data disaster”, the personal information of around 143 million consumers have been exposed till date. One of the three major consumer credit reporting agencies, the incident with Equifax not only exposes the flaws in its security system; but also raises the need for highly improved cybersecurity solutions.

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