Top 22 Pico Projector Companies

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The global pico projector market has high potential for growth because of the emergence of embedded pico projectors in smartphones and other electronic gadgets. Due to its high potential, the market is highly fragmented with several major players.

Technavio has identified 22 key players in the global pico projectors market that are helping to fuel market growth at a CAGR of 32.40 for the 2014-2019 period:


With investment in R&D as its backbone, the company is focused on long-term disruptive technologies. It funded 20 new product platforms in 2013.  By 2017, it is expecting the annual investment in R&D to reach 6% of sales. The company enables business transformation through its global enterprise resource planning system. It was successfully launched in multiple countries in 2013. This integrated global IT platform of the company will enable it to reach greater organizational efficiency and productivity.


The company focuses on the consumer electronics and automotive markets. It leases out the patented PicoP display technology platform to OEMs to be embedded in their products. This differentiates the company in the market.   In the coming years the company will focus on the maturation of direct green laser technology, PicoP Gen 2 technology. It has a strong intellectual property portfolio. 

Optoma Technology

A leading supplier of DLP projectors in the Americas, the company delivers projectors and related accessories to consumers, professional installers, businesses, and educational institutions. The company’s product portfolio features digital projectors for mobile, fixed installations, and home theaters. Its products meet the requirements of business users and general consumers by combining superior image processing technologies with exceptional engineering.  The company also maintains an extensive network of distributors, consumer electronics retailers, dealers, and internet resellers and partners.


Syndiant works with VueG8 technology, which uses the LCoS light modulation process by which it is able to support field sequential color even with a small pixel mirror and a small device. The company maintains its competitive advantage through the following: smart micro-display panel, display control computed on chip, LED and laser, standard high volume digital CMOS process, small panels, low bandwidth to reduce cost and power, and the smallest pixel size with the highest resolution possible.

Texas Instruments

The company is focused on analog and embedded processing. It offers products and technologies with long life spans, which can generate revenue in the long term. The company expects its analog and embedded processing to contribute 90% of its revenue in the coming years. In 2013, 79% of its revenue came from analog and embedded processing. The company aims to diversify its customer base by engaging with both small and larger customers.   

AAXA Technologies

AAXA Technologies Inc. was founded as a manufacturer and developer of a new class of projector called micro and pico projectors. Its core technology is based on small LCoS and DLP imagers mated to laser light sources and LED. It has wide portfolio for the mini projector category. Some of its products are LED Android Projector, P450 Pico Projector, LED Pico Projector, P300 Pico Projector, P2 Pico Projector, P3 Pico Projector, and P4 Pico Projector.


Acer manufacturers and develops laptops, desktops, tablets, monitors, and projectors. The projectors segment is categorized into travel, essential, and home divisions. EMEA and the US are the primary markets for the IT product sales of the company.

AIPTEK International

AIPTEK works on technologies such as digital video/audio, wireless communication, and optoelectronics, and has over 100 international patents. Its products segment include projector, car recorder, and DV. Some of the pico projectors of the company are Pocket Cinema V100 DLP Pico Projector, Pocket Cinema V20 Pocket Multimedia Projector, Mobile Cinema i50D iPhone Projector, and Mobile Cinema i15 iPhone Projector.

ASK Proxima

ASK Proxima is a leading display imaging brand and offers professional and commercial projectors. Currently, it manufacturers portable to installation-based projectors. It caters to a number of markets such as education, corporations, and event management.


BenQ is a company in Taiwan producing home theater projectors, classroom projectors, and office projectors. It also develops small portable projectors. The products of the company are developed with DLP technology. It has received several awards for its outstanding home theater projectors. Some of its products are BenQ W7500, W1500, W1080ST, W700, and MS517 DLP Multimedia Projector.


Canon develops high-resolution, portable projectors that ensure adequate brightness and sharp picture for presentations and home theater. LCoS and LCD technology are used in Canon projectors. The company offers LCoS projectors such as REALiS WUX10 Mark II D, which ensures high performance WUXGA 1920 x 1200 resolution. Some of its products are Canon LV-7245, LV-S4, LV-X6, LV-7240, LV-7565, LV-X5, LV-7297M, LV-7392A, and LV-7292M.

Light Blue Optics

Light Blue Optics develops and supplies advanced user interface technology. This technology is used in high volume applications for training, corporate boardrooms, education, and consumer electronics. Its software is embedded in interactive flat panel displays and also in projection-based whiteboards to provide high-quality images at an affordable cost. The company uses its expertise in physical sciences and embedded software to offer solutions at low cost.

Luminus Device

The company manufactures LED solutions for the global illumination market. It recently released XNOVA products into the lighting market. The company’s flat window LEDs are used for projection entertainment, ultraviolet treatment, display, and other specialty applications.

Greenlight Optics

Greenlight Optics is an optical systems engineering and manufacturing company. It specializes in projection displays, imaging systems, plastic optics, LED and laser illumination, and the integration of optics with electrical and mechanical systems. 

Microsoft (Lempotix)

The company provides micro electro mechanical systems based pico projection solutions. It develops solutions for embedded applications in the automotive and cellphone markets. The company uses technology such as MEMS scanning mirror, laser micro projector, and despeckling.

Samsung Electronics

In 2013, Samsung dominated the market with the introduction of the Rex Feature phone series and the strong demand for smartphones such as Galaxy Grand and Note 2, the top-selling models at multi-brand retail outlets. The company introduced the Sell-out model in India and implemented real-time inventory and sales management systems to allow firms to micro-manage sales channels. It also develops pico projectors of superior quality. Samsung SP-H03 is one of the pico projectors available in the market.


Maradin develops innovative MEMS laser scanning mirrors and controllers for a broad range of applications, including pico projectors, medical devices, industrial devices, automotive HUD, defense instruments. The company’s products include MAR1100, MAR2100, and MAR1800.

Micron Technology

The wide range of products of Micron Technology includes DRAM, DRAM Modules, NAND Flash, Multichip Packages, Solid stage storage, and Hybrid memory cube. The company operates in EMEA, the UK, America, and in Asia.


The company has developed a unique MEMS module, which can be embedded into smartphones and mobile devices, enabling the devices to use gesture UI, 3D depth photography, and interactive projection. By combining with RGB laser light, the MEMS module projects large, quality, visible, color videos that can be focused some few inches from smartphones; a wall or any other surface can be used as a projection screen.

OPUS Microsystems

OPUS is a professional MEMS design company that develops MEMS scanning mirror devices. The company offers innovative and cost-effective solutions for the embedded MEMS pico projector module.


Toshiba provides a wide range of products and services worldwide. It contains five business domains, which are community solutions, healthcare systems and services, energy and infrastructure, electronic devices and components and lifestyle products and services. Toshiba TDP-F10U Mobile LED Projector is one of the projectors available in the market. It is heavier and more expensive than others, but the contrast ratio of 800:1 keeps it competitive.


WowWee is a leading developer, designer, marketer, and distributor of innovative hi-tech consumer entertainment and robotic products. Cinema slice, offered by the company, is a portable pico projector that can project multimedia devices containing movies, videos, photos, and games onto walls and ceilings.