Top 12 Vendors in the Global Pet Care Market

Pet products have been in increasingly high demand, thanks to more people becoming pet owners and owners having more complex requirements regarding the ingredients in pet food and other pet care items. Like most industries, the pet product industry has a number of vendors, each with different offerings that cater to specific types of pets and their various needs. Pet care vendors also have to go the extra mile in that they need to fully understand both their end-users and their buyers; in other words, they have to create products that are safe and enjoyable for pets, and appropriately market them to their owners.

According to analysts at Technavio, the global pet care market will grow at a CAGR of nearly 5% by 2020. In this blog, we identify some of the key and prominent vendors in the market.

Key vendors

Ancol Pet Products

Ancol is an independent, family owned company specialising in the supply of pet accessories for dogs, cats and small animals. From its West Midlands base in Walsall, Ancol has been developing both functional and luxurious products for discerning pet owners for almost 40 years, using its unrivalled experience, passion and knowledge to become the market leader in pet accessories. The company has established a highly effective wholesale distribution network allowing its products to be freely available throughout the UK.


Beaphar, founded in 1942, has been passionate about pets for more than 70 years. During this time, it has developed, manufactured and marketed pharmaceuticals, healthcare products and super premium complete foods to help improve the lives of all types of pets. Beaphar is proud of this heritage and the high quality, extensive range of products that it now offers to pet owners all over the world. Today, Beaphar is established across multiple territories and is one of the leading pet manufacturers.

JM Smucker

The J.M. Smucker Company is a leading marketer and manufacturer of fruit spreads, retail packaged coffee, peanut butter, shortening and oils, ice cream toppings, sweetened condensed milk and natural food products in North America sold under iconic brands including Smucker’s, Folgers®, Jif®, and Crisco®, among others. In 2015, Smucker acquired Big Heart Pet Brands, a producer, distributor and marketer of premium quality, branded pet products for the U.S. retail market.


Mars Incorporated is a US family-owned business and one of the leading global manufacturers of branded products. Established in the late 1940’s, the company is divided into the following business segments: Petcare, Chocolate, Food, Drinks, and Symbioscience. Mars is ranked the 6th largest privately-held company in the United States based its 2015 revenue.


Nestlé S.A. is a Swiss transnational food and drink company headquartered in Switzerland. It is the largest food company in the world measured by revenues. Nestlé’s products include baby food, medical food, bottled water, breakfast cereals, coffee and tea, confectionery, dairy products, ice cream, frozen food, pet foods, and snacks. In terms of pet care, it is most widely known for its Purina brand, which includes products such as Beneful, Alpo, and Dog Chow.

Other prominent vendors

Aller Petfood

Aller Petfood Llc produces and markets pet food in Russia and throughout Europe. The company offers dry food for dogs and cats in sacks and cartons; wet food in bags and cans; vegetables and specially adapted food for animals with special dietary needs; and flavored meat chunks in gravy or jelly in packets or tins. Aller Petfood Llc offers its products through distributors and retail chains. The company was founded in 2004 and is based in Russia. Aller Petfood Llc operates as a subsidiary of Povl Bylling ApS.

BHJ Petfood

BHJ Pet Food is a leading international player within collection and processing of 100% natural and fresh raw materials for the pet food and feed industries. Each year, the company handles more than 900.000 tons of ingredients, and is committed to just-in-time delivery all over the world through its global network of professional business partners.

Bob Martin

Bob Martin, founded in 1892 in England, manufactures and sells a wide range of products for pet owners that are available at supermarkets and pet shops nationwide. The company provides pet owners with the everyday necessities from flea treatment and shampoos, to cat litters and poop scoop bags. Bob Martin manufactures many of the flea treatments on site in the South West of England as well as the cat litter fresheners, shampoo’s and vitamin and mineral supplements.


earthbath has been developed and manufactured in California since 1995 with only the safest, finest ingredients from nature. From humble roots and a local following–based on the principles of purity and efficacy–earthbath has grown from four shampoos to a comprehensive line of totally natural shampoos, wipes, spritzes, and grooming foams that are sold and used by conscientious animal lovers across the nation and around the world.

Platinum Pets

Platinum Pets is widely known for its colorful and quality pet products since 1996. With over 30 years of experience in the finishing industry, Platinum Pets specializes in unique color finishes and style that have never been seen on pet products before. While Platinum Pets was founded as a color finishing company, it has branched out into a diverse entity, designing products for pets’ everyday needs.


Tetra, established in 1951, is the largest global manufacturer of ornamental fish food and the acknowledged global authority. The company offers thousands of products and serves more than 1,000 dealers worldwide. Tetra works to meet the needs of hundreds of thousands of hobbyists across the globe through its three brands: Tetra, Tetrafauna®, and TetraPond®.


Pettex is one of the UK’s largest manufacturers and providers of pet supplies. Its vast range spans from a comprehensive collection of cat litter products, all the way through to its selection of finest quality beddings, pond foods and aquatic products. Pettex’s products can be found in pet stores across the nation; small independent outlets and large retailers alike.

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