This Week in the News: While Long Island Gets its First Certified Organic Wine, hotels at Las Vegas are bowling for Organic Tea, and Organic Coffee is just catching up with the millennials

Bottles of assorted alcoholic beverages

Organic is the new ‘cool’ – not just for your health, but for businesses as well. Be it your fruits and vegetables, or the cotton with which your shirt is spun – the world is adopting eco-friendly products across every aspect of its life. And guess which other industry is treading the organic path? It’s not just players in coffee and tea industry, but wine makers too are pitching in for organic processes.

We begin with Long Island getting its first certified organic wine. Bordo Antico from Anthony Nappa Wines is made from 100 percent cabernet franc grapes, and has made it into the list of makers of organic wine. With growing number of vineyards, and increasing demand for organic grapes, the global market for organic wine is all set to grow at an impressive CAGR by 2021. Industry experts at Technavio regard ‘product differentiation’ as the major differentiator in the global market. Emiliana Organic Vineyards, King Estate Winery, and The Wine Group are some of the key vendors in this industry. Global Organic Coffee Market 2017-2021_CPOrganic Tea Market in the US 2017-2021_CP

The week also saw Vegas being in the news – just that this time it is for organic tea. With the goal of keeping the British tradition of afternoon tea alive, Wynn Las Vegas has launched a whole new range of tea and savory offerings. Our latest report on the organic tea market in the US explores the various drivers as well as trends which this market is undergoing. Right from black tea, green tea, to herbal tea – the demand for various flavors in the organic tea industry is witnessing a steady rise.

And if you are a coffee lover, then there is good news in store for you as well. Apparently coffee lovers are moving away from coffee pods and prefer having their coffee brewed from organic beans. Changes in lifestyle, rise in disposable income, and growing popularity of coffee as a drink to meet and greet are the major drivers for the organic coffee market at the global level. Industry experts at Technavio have identified Cafe Don Pablo, Cameron’s Specialty Coffee, and EQUAL EXCHANGE, as the key vendors in this market.

Enjoy the drink everyone, and revel in its organic awesomeness. And while at it, guess which ale would walk the organic route next.