MetriNet from ATI: The Latest Innovation in Water Quality Monitoring

Noted English poet Samuel T Coleridge surely had no clue how prophetic his lines will turn in the next few decades. Water pollution and related issues are one of the gravest challenges which we are facing today. Our aquatic ecosystems, once home to diverse species, is today festering ground for toxins and diseases. Right from population explosion, to inadequate treatment of sewage, agricultural, and industrial wastes – we have done everything possible to pollute water bodies around us.

As the realization of the ill-effects of water pollution has dawned, governments and international organizations around the world have come up with strategies and programs to contain the situation. The United Nations, for instance, marked 2005-2015 as the ‘Decade for Water’. In this period, several constructive steps were taken for sustainable management of the water resources. It was identified that water quality monitoring is one of the first steps towards responsible water management.

How far can water quality monitoring equipment help?

On a global level, the adoption of water quality monitoring equipment and sensors has increased significantly. Vendors are looking for ways in which they can come up highly sensitive equipment which provides realistic measure of water quality. Our research found that until recently, the Americas had shown highly adoption of water quality monitoring equipment. But in the next five years, the emerging economies in APAC will hold a major share in the global market. This does make sense, given that APAC is seen as a prime destination for several new projects and investments.

The basic aim of monitoring the quality of water is to detect pathogens and chemicals present in the water. Based on this information, preventive measures are taken to ensure that water is safe for consumption. Water quality monitoring equipment is used to monitor the groundwater, wastewater, drinking water, and the water in seacoast and estuarine.

MetriNet and water quality monitoring

A product from ATi, MetriNet is multi-parameter water quality monitor for networks. The equipment is regarded as a breakthrough in water quality monitoring, as it provides a flexible method for delivering information even from remote locations. Powered with M-Nodes, smart digital sensors, MetriNet adopts a modular approach to the distributed collection of water quality data. Also, its water-saver feature allows continuous measurement or a batch-sampling regime to the users. When compared to the other multi-parameter monitoring systems, MetriNet does not compromise on the data handling part – thus combining the best of sensors and data at one go.

Industry experts see MetriNet as a sustainable solution for the complex challenges in the water sector, which will not only bring down complaints but will also proactively safeguard water quality for customer use.

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