Lightweight and Flexible PET Packaging Gaining Popularity

Cosmetic Packaging Companies

Polyethylene terephthalate (PET) is emerging as the preferred material for packaging, due to its flexibility and light weight. The global PET packaging market is expected to experience moderate growth through 2019, reaching 20.42 billion units shipped, an increase of over 4 billion from 2014.

Technavio has narrowed down the top 25 vendors who are helping drive growth in the global PET packaging market.


Amcor offers solutions to the healthcare, food and beverage, and tobacco packaging industries. This includes fresh foods such as meat, fish, bread, produce and dairy, processed foods such as confectionary, snack foods, coffee and ready meals, as well as high value-added resin and aluminium- based packaging for industrial, hospital, pharmaceutical, home and personal care and wine end markets.


Gerresheimer is a leading global partner for the pharma and healthcare industries. Their special glass and plastic products contribute to health and well-being.

PET Power

PET Power supplies jars, bottles, lids, containers to the pharmaceutical, cosmetic, and food industries.

Graham Packaging

Graham Packaging designs and sells custom blow-molded plastic containers for branded foods and beverages, personal care and specialty products, household products, and chemical-based products, and automotive lubricants.


Gepack provides PET packaging services to industries like pharmaceutical, personal care, cosmetics and toiletries, food and beverage, and household items.

Alpha Group

Alpha Group is a manufacturer of PET bottle packaging; caters to industries such as pharmaceutical, FMCG, beverage, and cosmetics.

Artenius PET Packaging

Artenius PET Packaging is a manufacturer of PET bottles and operates as a subsidiary of La Seda de Barcelona.

CKS Packaging

CKS Packaging, a Covenant Company, is a nationwide manufacturer and global supplier of blow-molded plastic containers. We own and operate nineteen plants across the continental United States that provide containers for a variety of consumer goods and industrial products including food and beverage, health and beauty, personal care, automotive, medical,  and chemicals and solutions.


Exopackaging provides custom PET bottles and plastic containers and are based in Ahmedabad, India. They maintain high standards of quality and known to adapt with the changing market as per the requirement.

Greiner Packaging

Greiner Packaging is one of Europe’s leading plastic packaging manufacturers in the food and non-food sector. Its efficient network with locations in 18 different countries around the world makes it an active global player. This organization benefits both large international as well as domestic enterprises. True to its motto, “from concept to the finished product”, the plastic packaging manufacturer Greiner Packaging supports its customers throughout the entire product development process. The company is known for its great skill in providing development, design, production, and decoration solutions.

Himalayan Group

The Himalayan Group provides packaging for pharma PET bottles; also caters to industries such as food and beverage and household goods.


INOAC are a manufacturer of PET and cosmetic bottles.

Kaufman Container

Kaufman Container is supplier and distributor of glass, plastic, aluminum and metal bottles, tubes, containers, closures, and other packaging components.

Kian Joo Group

Kian Joo Group has product offerings which include aluminum cans, corrugated cartons, PET products, and contract packing services.

Parker Plastics

Parker Plastics are a manufacturer and supplier of PET bottles in two categories being stock bottles and custom bottles.

Parkway Plastics

For over 65 years and 3 generations, Parkway Plastics Inc. has been manufacturing BPA and Phthalate Free High-Quality jars and caps worldwide into a variety of different industries. Combined, their team brings over 258 years of experience to the table, not to mention all of the other years of experience that they’ve picked up along the way.


Since its foundation, the production of PET (polyethylene terephthalate) preforms and bottles has been the core business of RESILUX. The preforms are blown into bottles by RESILUX or by the customer and then filled with water, soft drinks, edible oils, ketchup, detergents, milk, beer, fruit juices, etc. The distinctive characteristic of the Belgian company is the high quality of the products and reliability of supply.

Savola Plastic

Savola Plastics is a leading processing company of the MENA region. They offer wide range of solutions in both Rigid and flexible plastic for diversified applications, with a very strong presence in liquid refreshment beverages (dairy, water & soft drinks) industries in addition to fairly sturdy presence, in food, personal care, petrochemicals and lube oil.

Sidel International

Sidel is responsible for helping to package beverages enjoyed by millions of consumers around the world every day. Each of their more than 3,400 employees is committed to this responsibility. In Sidel’s world, there is only one product that matters: The beverage product.


SKS is a manufacturer and supplier of glass and plastic bottles, tins, and containers for handmade toiletries.


Snapware is one of the World Kitchen Family of Brands. They are manufacturer of PET packaging products for food and home storage.

Southeastern Containers

Southeastern Container, Inc. was formed in 1982 as a privately owned co-operative under the ownership of a group of Coca-Cola Bottling companies to manufacturer PET containers for the Coca-Cola bottlers.

Sunrise Containers

Sunrise Container are a business that has been operating for 30+ years. They pride ourselves on the ability to maintain competetitive prices and keeping a good relationship with customers. Their products range from Australian made and owned to imports from across Asia.

Temkin Plastics

Temkin Plastics is a manufacturer of custom and stock containers made of PET material.


Ultrapak is a company which specializes in PET products and services, a singular focus not diluted by other business interests all of our competitors engage in. Their products range covers all types of preforms with different neck finishes and weights for all available liquid food applications in the region.