Hand Hygiene: Drown the Bug and Stop Diseases

Hand hygiene is a generic term more often used to address hand washing procedures performed with the use of sanitizers, liquid hand washes, and soaps. As the threat of epidemic diseases looms, especially those that are contagious in nature and life threating, the use of hand hygiene products has gained massive appeal among consumers. Hand hygiene is an integral part of the personal care industry with products that deliver protection against germs and helps in the prevention of contagious diseases.

Combat germs: New trends to save lives

As a result of intense pressure to improve the quality of care and to deliver protection against germs, the manufacturers in the hand hygiene market along with hospitals are putting amplified efforts to produce products that are eco-friendly and identify tools to monitor and maintain hygiene compliance in healthcare facilities. The following are some of the latest trends in the global hand hygiene market.

Electronic monitoring systems in healthcare facilities

From the flu to antimicrobial resistant and methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus (MRSA) diseases, there is a wide range of germs and bacteria that are spread by unclean hands. This unnecessary spreading of germs takes a major toll on healthcare in terms of patient care and increased costs. However, there is a seemingly obvious and a simple way to combat all of this- increased hand hygiene backed by electronic monitoring.

Electronic monitoring systems are the latest trends in the hand hygiene market that can boost the adoption of hand hygiene practices in healthcare facilities.

Eco-friendly hand hygiene products

With the growing cognizance of consumers to use the environment-friendly products, the vendors in the global hand hygiene market are looking to offer green hand hygiene products made from naturally renewable ingredients. Green hygiene solutions mainly intend to promote well-being and health of the users while reducing the impact on the environment. The eco-friendly products offer effective performance while limiting the release of volatile organic compounds (VOCs) into the environment during the manufacturing process.

Integration of e-commerce channels for procurement

In the US, B2B e-commerce sales are anticipated to grow every year, contributing a higher percentage to the overall B2B sales with each passing year as identified by experts at Technavio. The increasing integration of e-commerce platforms, especially for products like personal care, provides the manufacturers of hand hygiene products a huge opportunity to reach out to individuals as well as commercial end-users.

Technavio solutions: Paving the way to success

With the accepted role of hand hygiene in infection control, the global hand hygiene market is likely to display strong development. However, the growth of the market will be deterred by certain challenges that are essential for the vendors to understand and overcome.

Technavio’s market insights are the expert sources to understand the significant aspects related to the industry. Our reports offer in-depth solutions to the vendors in the global hand hygiene market which can aid them in executing strategic decisions pertaining to their business operations.

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