Going Gluten-Free : Global Food Industry’s Biggest Bet is Poised for Exponential Growth


With an increasing array of products carrying the gluten-free tag, the associated food industry has hit a veritable jackpot. Gluten-free is a new way of life for millions of people around the world. The global market for gluten-free food products is growing at a quick pace, thanks to the enhancing knowledge of food allergies amongst consumers and the rise in availability of healthier food choices. Also, a gluten-free diet is authorized medically to be the soundest approach for patients suffering from Celiac disease.

The dealbreaker : What’s the latent risk factor?

However, food companies in this space must be mindful of regulatory oversights and a plethora of challenges involved in the process of product development. Additionally, one of the worrying downside risks for vendors in this industry is the lack of concrete scientific evidence to prove that gluten-free foods are truly a healthy option. The future market for an assortment of gluten free products may not be sustainable if science invalidates this perception.

Massive growth amid stiff challenges

On a contrary note, the current demand for gluten-free food products is enough to fuel the associated market’s growth for at least a decade. Gluten-free foods and beverages are gaining a massive following primarily because manufacturers are aligning new product developments with other emerging trends in the food industry. These trends include marketer transparency, clean labels, use of aged grains and plant proteins.

A major trend in gluten-free product development reflects the concerns of the clean eating and clean-label movement. The products manufactured using clean techniques include simpler ingredients, processed food with sustainable and organic production methods, are free from formulations and advocate transparency in business practices.

Today, the market is proliferating not because of the consumers who are advised to eat a gluten-free diet for medical reasons; it is instead growing due to the health enthusiasts who are letting go of harmful food habits in order to stay fit throughout their lives.

With the growing interest in gluten-free food products amongst a wider audience, manufacturers will continue to offer an extensive range of alternatives which are not only gluten-free but ticks all the other health related checkpoints, including preferences for organic, raw, vegan, and paleo diets. This is mainly because foods that contain gluten or any other harmful ingredients can lead to a number of serious diseases, whereas the products with organic and vegan labels are claimed to be the safest food alternatives.

Market research is the key ingredient

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