Fingerprint Biometrics: A Vital Module for Data Security

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Technavio recently published a new report on the global fingerprint biometrics market, which discusses the widespread adoption of fingerprint biometrics for enhanced security in industries like BFSI, retail, government, education, law enforcement, healthcare, and automotive.

Fingerprint biometrics at a glance

According to Technavio analysts, Growing public awareness of security risks has prompted many enterprises, banks, government organizations, telecomm companies, and hospitals—as well as individual consumer— to take measures to secure data and assets.

Fingerprint biometrics match the fingerprint scan of an individual with a database in order to identify and verify an individual based on fingerprint features like arch, whorl, and loop.

The technology is gaining popularity in the current security climate, thanks to its low price, reliability and convenience. These driver are expected to help the global fingerprint biometrics market reach $11,813.02 million by 2019, growing at a CAGR of 13.57%.


Emergence of touchless sensing technology

Traditional fingerprint biometrics technology requires the end-user to place their finger on a piece of paper on a platen surface, which resulted in degraded images due to improper finger placement, skin deformation, slippage, smearing, and basic wear and tear of the device. This had the potential to lead to discrepancies in the authentication process, and open organizations up to the possibility of security breaches.

But recent advances in technology have found a solution in the form of touchless sensing technology that generates 3D fingerprint scans. These 3D images provide a large, high-quality, nail-to-nail representation of the finger.

As a result, touchless sensing technology is gaining traction and is being broadly used in a number of sectors such as BFSI, healthcare, and education to provide safe and secure authorization to access confidential data.

In addition to the global fingerprint biometrics market, Technavio also covers a wide range of biometrics technology markets, including: