How Essential are Essential Oils for Your Overall Wellbeing?

essential oils

Stored in dark glass bottles, tightened with wooden corks, kept away from direct sunlight – essential oils have an exotic aura of their own. An integral part of cultures across the world, these oils are known for their inherent healing properties. The popularity of aromatherapy is one major reason behind the renewed interest in essential oils. Almost every ‘health and wellness’ section has dedicated articles on the magical qualities of these oils. And magical effect they have – on our body, mind, and immediate environment.

Making of an essential oil

The making of essential oils, which has several references in the Holy Bible and often regarded as the first of the medicines, is quite an intricate process. Distilled from the roots, stems, flowers, and leaves of plants, these oils literally contain the life-blood of the plants. No wonder they are an elixir for our body and spirit.

Apart from distillation, expression is another process through which essential oils can be extracted. Expression is nothing but ‘cold pressing’ of plant extracts, to siphon out its oil content and bring essential oils to life. While distilled oils have lesser photosensitizing effects, the aroma of cold-pressed oils is much closer to its source plant.

Our body, essential oils, and popular misconceptions

Now, even though there is no lack of flowery documentation on how awesome the essential oils are, the fact remains that a huge majority of us are i yet to understand their properties. Many are yet to comprehend that these fragrant grease, are highly concentrated and have immense chemical properties. And so, proper care needs to be taken while using them. Those suffering from severe skin diseases, kidney problems, and pregnant women, should refrain from using strong essential oils. Popular literature often fails to focus on this aspect, which we think is quite critical for the overall wellbeing of its users.

Also, there has been a surge in the number of counterfeit essential oils in the market. Made from substandard ingredients, these oils do more harm than good to its users. Perhaps this is the main reason several governments have come up with stringent certification policies so that nothing less than the best reaches out to the consumers. In fact, with more advertisement and growing awareness, vendors are now coming up with 100% organic essential oils. Based on its popularity, our research experts expect the global market for organic essential oils to record a CAGR in excess of 11% by 2021.

Essentiality of essential oils – Technavio’s Take!

Decades of research and experience in essential oil market has helped us draw some highly realistic analysis of the factors which trigger as well as halt the growth of essential oils market. What we have found is that with better awareness, there are high chances of the oils broadening their customer base. At the same time, care needs to be taken to not go overboard with these ‘super oils.’ Moderation seems to be the key – so take your favorite essential oil, enjoy the aroma, indulge in the fragrance, and open your sensory organs.

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