Building a Rejuvenated Food and Beverage Brand this Christmas

Food and Beverage Industry

Christmas 2017 is right around the corner, and the customary stocking up of larders and shopping lists is in full swing. For any key player in the local food and beverage industry, the significance of this mega-holiday in terms of retail value isn’t lost amid the need to corner the largest chunk of the target audience. Christmas 2017 is prime real-estate to test some marketing strategies that could very well define your business’s roadmap through 2018 and beyond.

Hunkering down for the predictable, or loading the dice?

Traditionally, Christmas season is a study in the concept of ‘supply-and-demand’. Businesses leave no stone unturned in a bid to stock the supermarket aisles with the choicest food and beverages, while employing such tactics as predatory pricing and a wider range of offerings to differentiate themselves from the competition. How about building a brand-new product, and generating an instant fan following?

1) Private Labels Work Wonders Around Christmas

Christmas offers a lucrative retail platform for private label food and beverages, especially those that are priced competitively. Amid the shopping frenzy and diminishing stocks, a clear majority of buyers are willing to experiment with new brands and experiences. Ergo, the perfect launch pad for niche foods and beverages.

This experiment is particularly rewarding for big shopping chains that are looking to attract a different demographic of customers, introduce a new product, or empty stocks without making it universally obvious.

2) Building experiences with a big bright smile, of course!

Food is the purveyor of intimate, highly personalized experiences and the associated emotion is special and important. Also, when tapped sensibly, these nostalgic memories can be used to drive some real momentum for your food and beverage brand. The idea is to create a buzz and get more eyeballs (that are connected to emotionally charged minds) to check out your product line.

In the age of social media, creating this requisite buzz isn’t an overly difficult proposition. However, you are venturing into a universe of food inspired anecdotes, of childhoods spent at the kitchen table and backyard barbeques. Thus, tread slowly and responsibly.

3) Fueling the different- and not being coy about it!

Some of the popular food trends of 2017 included low and no-alcohol drinks, fried insects, exotic foods from places like Portugal and India, and of course, the highly influential vegan cuisine. While a vast majority of holidaymakers will be munching on the traditional selection of foods and beverages, a sizable number of people will be looking out for food items that appeal to their very discerning palate. Herein is an opportunity served on a silver platter.

Improvisation combined with an understanding of the prevailing food trends is a solid attribute to possess. By exploring the varying gastronomic interests of the local community, and matching them to an exotic selection of food and beverage options, you are indeed loading the dice in your business’s favor.

Cherry atop the Cake- “I only hope that we don’t lose sight of one thing – that it was all started by a mouse”. This timeless quote from the inimitable Walt Disney proves one undeniable thing- the simplest ideas lead to the greatest outcomes. Let your food business’s 2018 success story begin with Christmas 2017.