Renewable energy

Renewable Energy Success Stories from Europe

Greenhouse gas emissions are continuing to rise globally, despite increasing commitments from many countries to reduce their carbon footprints and increase their reliance on renewable energy. The United Nations Environment Programme released a report in November warning that greenhouse gases have not yet hit their peak, and global efforts have so far failed to stop…

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wind turbine manufacturing

Global Wind Turbine Manufacturing Industry Grows, Boosting the Demand of Wind Turbine Components

The global wind turbine manufacturing industry continues to grow substantially in 2019, driving the demand of wind turbine components to reach a new height. According to the latest industry data from BloombergNEF (BNEF), the world’s major wind turbine manufacturers commissioned over 45 GW of onshore wind turbines globally in 2018, compared with 47 GW a…

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The Alleviation in Aviation: Renewable Energy-Based Commercial Aviation Market in Scandinavia

Air transportation is often exposed to high consumption of energy and emissions of greenhouse gas from aircrafts that contribute a significant amount to the emission of carbon dioxide. These circumstances intensify a long-standing imperative to raise measures for the prevention of increased environmental harm through such effluent discharges. Airports and airlines have resorted to renewable…

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