building automation system

Building Automation Systems: An Integral Part of Smart Buildings

The growth of smart buildings has been exceptionally slow. Technological challenges have been one major reason behind the delay in the adoption of the concept of smart buildings. But, as per our industry experts, building automation systems (BAS) has given a new lease of life to smart buildings. How building automation systems is transforming traditional buildings…

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Remote home control system on a digital tablet.

‘Smart’ is in : IoT Partners M2M Communication to Smarten Up Homes, Rapid Adoption Signaled by Technavio

Technology has rapidly evolved in the last decade. Internet, smartphones, the cloud, social media, big data analytics and a number of other technological advancements are disrupting the way we live, work and play. Powered by smart gadgets and cutting-edge innovations, our homes are already far too technological than a mere decade ago. Add Internet of…

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connected car M2M market

M2M in the Auto Industry : Smart and Safe Connected Cars with Embedded Telematic Solutions

As we arrive into a new era of digital and smart mobility, the smartphone and four wheelers are bound to interact more than ever before. Connectivity is enabling additional innovation around designs and technologies that feature in the modern vehicles. Thanks to the emergence of revolutionary technologies such as Internet of Things (IoT) and Machine-to-Machine…

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Agriculture M2M : Elevating Agri-business to New Heights

As the world population, and the associated global consumption of food are both rising at an unprecedented pace, the resultant pressure on farmers to match the demand is undoubtedly a major concern in the agriculture industry. So, how can farmers boost the productivity? While the agriculturalists continue to feed the world, a wide range of…

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