flavors and fragrances companies

Top 10 Flavors and Fragrances Companies in the World 2018

A slew of flavors and fragrances companies in 2018 are facing an increasingly competitive marketplace. Factors such as incrementing cost of raw materials due to various environmental upheavals, tighter governmental regulations and the growing popularity of the online distribution model, are forcing these companies to reinvent their brands and the global flavors and fragrances market…

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Fragrance industry

Top 5 Perfume and Fragrance Companies to Watch Out For in 2018

From being a luxury spend  to emerging as a vital lifestyle need, perfume and fragrance products have come a long way over the past decade. Indeed, the perfume and fragrance industry has attracted huge investments throughout the world, leading to the development of innovative products. Big perfume brands have been able to change the consumer…

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