future of drones

The Future of Drones: How Different Industries Use Drones to Their Advantage

As drones are being increasingly adopted for various purposes across many different industries, the future of drones and the market growth potential is looking rather promising. This promise is leading to an abundance of business opportunities driven by new technologies and innovations. Drones, also known as unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs), are equipped with advanced remote-control…

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Drone Technology Market in Education Sector

Education Industry Set to Fly High with Advanced Drone Technology

Drones are growing increasingly commonplace, both in the skies and across our collective imagination. You may have classified drone technology as exclusive to the military and wondered about its potential applications in the commercial sector. Today, drones are actively used in an assortment of industrial disciplines and have also landed in the lucrative pastures of…

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CES 2017 Brings Exciting Developments in Realms of Drones and VR

Drones really took off at this year’s Consumer Electronics Show (CES), with over 40 different exhibitors showcasing everything from selfie drones to underwater drones to drones shaped like ships from Star Wars. As these miniature aircrafts become more popular and their technology becomes more sophisticated, drone manufacturers are targeting the consumer market with diverse and…

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