Disposable hospital supplies

Can Disposable Hospital Supplies Manufacturers Keep Up with COVID-19 Demand?

As with many other products being used to fight COVID-19, healthcare institutions and consumers are facing substantial disposable hospital supply shortages around the world. Healthcare workers are using far more disposable PPE than before in order to treat patients with the coronavirus, and a significant percentage of the general populace has adopted supplies such as…

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Medical device manufacturers

How Are the World’s Top Medical Device Manufacturers Combating COVID-19?

Medical devices are in especially high demand right now, as healthcare institutions around the world find themselves in need of medical ventilators and other devices in order to treat patients with COVID-19. Medical device manufacturers are ramping up production and partnering with companies in other fields in order to help meet supply needs in numerous…

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Animal feed supply

5 Key Developments Impacting the Global Animal Feed Supply Market in 2020

The COVID-19 pandemic has been impacting numerous industries around the world, and the animal feed market is no exception. Farmers are stocking up in case the animal feed supply dries up in the future, leading to shortages in many different countries. Other industries are helping contribute to the market, however, as unsold food and drink…

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Isopropyl alcohol

How Surging Hand Sanitizer Demand is Impacting the Global Isopropyl Alcohol Supply

Hand sanitizer and cleaning products are in extremely high demand around the world due to the COVID-19 pandemic, and that means the need for key components such as isopropyl alcohol is also reaching new heights. Hand sanitizers use either ethanol or isopropyl alcohol as the primary ingredient, and both are becoming increasingly hard to obtain….

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Medical ventilators

How Companies are Finding Creative Solutions to the Medical Ventilators Shortage

COVID-19 has brought an intense surge in demand for critical healthcare, cleaning, and PPE products around the world, and companies are looking for ways to increase or begin production in order to fill this demand. The medical ventilators market currently faces a supply that is far below the amount needed to treat current and anticipated…

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Chloroquine and hydroxychloroquine

The Question of Chloroquine: Can it Cure COVID-19, and Can Manufacturers Meet Demand?

Chloroquine has been stirring up a great deal of controversy among medical professionals, governments, regulators, and the general public around the world. The anti-malarial drug, along with the less harsh hydroxychloroquine, has been rumored to treat or even cure the coronavirus, but evidence of its effectiveness is still hard to come by. However, with world…

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Hand sanitizer

Companies Get Creative to Put Hand Sanitizer Back on the Shelves

Hand sanitizer is one of many products crucial to the healthcare industry’s efforts to manage the COVID-19 pandemic, and like those other products, it’s been in very short supply lately. Even before the coronavirus reached more than a handful of cases in places like Europe and North America, it was becoming hard to find on…

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