Future of Blockchain

The Future of Blockchain: Top 5 Industries Expected to be Transformed by Blockchain

Blockchain technology has already caused a big stir in the global financial industry, creating substantial changes in the sector in terms of how people conduct financial transactions. Blockchain’s impact is so large in the financial sector that its technical innovations may be enough to revolutionize the global economy. However, this technology is not just stopping…

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cloud computing in healthcare

10 Ways Cloud Computing is Shaping the Future of the Healthcare Industry

The adoption of cloud computing in healthcare industry has continuously transformed the way doctors, hospitals, research clinics, and private institutions deliver quality and affordable services to their patients. As these medical innovations and technologies continue to evolve and be adopted to wider sectors, it is expected that the impact of cloud computing in the healthcare…

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Automotive Industry

Innovations in the Automotive Industry: Beyond Electric Cars

We are nearing the end of 2017 and the automotive industry is busy innovating at an unprecedented rate. Today, vehicles have become increasingly sophisticated, and onboard technology is turning them into computers on wheels. Most of the new-generation vehicles are equipped with cutting edge connectivity features, which helps in generating reams of data at high…

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Small businesses in the UK

Top 5 Technology Trends That are Reshaping Small Businesses in the UK

Small Business Saturday is right around the corner- a day specially devoted to promoting small businesses and celebrating their contribution to the advancement of retail methodologies. The idea behind Small Business Saturday, which was initiated by American Express in the US, has been gaining momentum in the UK over the last five years. This year’s…

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