Leather products

Top Leather Products Vendors in the Global Market

At a time when sustainability and environmental responsibility are becoming increasing concerns for both governments and consumers alike, leather products remain popular on the global market, with some vendors making commitments to use only ethically produced materials. Leather is seen as a mark of both quality and status, and is frequently used in high-end products…

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Nike market share

Nike Market Share in 2019: World’s Largest Shoe Company

Nike’s market share stands at about 27.4% in 2019, ahead of its industry rivals Adidas and ASICS, making Nike the world’s largest company in the global footwear market. Sports shoes are increasingly becoming an essential fashion accessory among global consumers and the sports shoes market is witnessing demand for trendy and comfortable footwear among all…

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Smart Connected Clothes

Smart Connected Clothes: A Blend of Fashion and Technology

The concept of fashion is changing drastically and is getting broader and more approachable. This dynamic industry is in the midst of a journey to unleash the full potential of digital technologies. The consistent adoption of innovative technologies over the last few years has shown that fashion’s association with technology is unlikely to fade away…

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Erotic Lingerie Sales Are Up Thanks to Popularity of BDSM and Changing Sexual Appetites

Erotic lingerie is soon to be a billion dollar industry. The strong sales of corsets, garter belts, baby dolls, and teddies will drive the global erotic lingerie market past the billion dollar mark in 2017, growing at a CAGR of 7.1% from 2014-2019. Consumers are becoming more adventurous and more open to experimentation, fueling their…

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Shift from Static to Dynamic Digital Commerce Causes Influx in E-Commerce Software Spending

In the past, commerce was limited to showcasing basic product details and simple merchandising. However, it has evolved, diversified, and gained complexity, ranging from deploying interactive hubs for consumer marketing to handling associated services. The widespread adoption of Internet-enabled devices such as smartphones and tablets allows consumers to access information across all digital channels. This…

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