Polyester Manufacturers

Top 10 Largest Polyester Manufacturers in the World 2019

In the modern economic age, polyester proves to be the most popular fabric used in fashion, design, and interiors. Polyester fibers prove to be heat-sensitive or thermoplastic. This allows the polyester manufacturers to give permanent pleats, patterns and decorative shapes, and can be laser-cut. A new form of polyester called microfiber was also introduced. Researchers…

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Smart Textiles Market

Are Smart Textiles the Future of Fabric?

From durable cotton to splendid silks– fabric not only protects us from the natural elements, but also represents our sense of style and fashion. However, traditional definitions and perceptions regarding fabric are changing in the form of wearable technology, which in turn is encouraging the development of Smart Textiles. Putting the smart textiles to the…

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Benefits of Using Neoprene

The Textile Industry Is Set to Get the Smart Tech Treatment

What do lightweight military uniforms integrated with comms equipment, piezo-electric yarns, and clothing complete with sensors for physiological monitoring, have in common? Other than the fact that they all sound like something straight out of sci-fi, all of these futuristic fabrics are not only possible but available, thanks to smart textiles. Smart textiles, technical textiles,…

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