Coal Mining

Top 5 Largest Coal Mining Companies in the World

The coal industry was undoubtedly a significant foundation for global industrialization, providing an efficient and major source of power around the world. Just over a decade ago, coal mining generated more than 50 percent of U.S. electricity, and it was the undisputed all-star of the energy mix. But things have changed drastically, as demand for…

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construction composites

Revolution in Building Materials : Durability, Flexibility, and Sustainability offered by Construction Composites

Whether it is a new construction project or the renovation work for an existing building, design professionals, and top construction companies are striving to reduce the cycle time and lower the cost from the start to the completion of the project. This works well for the global construction composites industry, that produces materials that are…

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Game of Graphene : Profitable Material Powers an Assortment of Industries

In recent times, there has been significant hype globally for what has been described as a magical material, graphene. It is notionally stated to be more conductive than carbon, stronger than steel, and extremely flexible.  Graphene is a compound of carbon atoms which is assumed to be eco-friendly and has limitless applications such as lithium-ion…

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Synthetic Diamonds

Synthetic Diamonds: Sparkling as Bright as the Natural Ones

Diamonds are widely deemed as the most expensive and envied precious stones for jewelry. The diamond industry is divided into two sections viz. natural and synthetic. The natural diamonds are the products of a deep-mantle process that demand an excessive length of time to develop. On the other hand, synthetic diamonds are man-made gemstones which…

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Demand Soars for Rare Earth Metals through 2017-2021

Rare Earth Metals, despite what the name would suggest, aren’t particularly rare. They are however all found clumped together, in a single ore, and are thus difficult to separate into individual elements. What are rare earth metals? There are 17 rare elements- 15 from the lanthanide series, alongside Scandium ( 21) and Yttrium ( 39)….

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