This Week in Media and Entertainment : Game of Thrones Season 7 Leaked, What’s Tesla’s future in Hollywood, and More!

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This week the media and entertainment industry saw the electric car giant Tesla redefine entertainment, along with fans of Game of Thrones going berserk with the leaking of the latest episode of the show. But, the shining star has been the stand taken by industry giants like Apple and Spotify in their fight against racism. Read on to know more about these newsmakers.

Global Media and Entertainment Storage Market 2017-2021_CP_TNRTN-10441Something surely is wrong with the cyber security system at HBO. The US TV network, which witnessed a cyber-attack only last month, was again in a tricky situation with hackers leaking the content of its enormously popular show – Game of Thrones. The seventh season of the show has already been hit by several spoilers, and the hack is yet another trouble which the TV channel has been struggling to overcome. Known as “OurMine,” the hackers gained access to social media accounts of Game of Thrones, Westworld, and HBO. With “Let’s make #HBOHacked trending!”, the hackers claim to have 1.5 terabytes of content in their possession.

Another major news which made rounds this week is Tesla entering the entertainment industry. Its latest Model 3 has been designed keeping movies in mind. With no buttons on the dashboard, rather just a horizontal fifteen-inch touch screen, the autonomous vehicle is designed to enable the passengers to enjoy the ride while watching videos, listening to their favorite music, or just relaxing. Tesla has already started a music streaming service for its vehicles. Instead of integrating the vehicle with existing services like Apple Music and Spotify, the company aims to provide an exceptional in-car experience by allowing customers to use any source for listening to their favorite music.

Lastly, the violent clashes at Charlottesville’s white-nationalist rally triggered several companies to distance themselves from racist content. Industry giants like Apple and Spotify have taken a strong stand against the propaganda of racial hatred. Apple moved on to disable its Apple Pay support to white nationalist sites which sell white supremacist products. Similarly, Spotify – the streaming music giant – removed several white-supremacists acts from its catalog. The same are already flagged by the Southern Poverty Law Center as “hate bands.”

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