Ultrabook vs. Macbook Air: The Fight for Market Share


It seems like just yesterday that Ultrabooks hit the tech scene though in reality, it’s been a full two years since the first model-the 2011 Acer Aspire-was released. Yes, two years still sounds like a fairly short time span, however it’s been long enough to allow for multi-billion dollar growth in the Global Ultrabook Market. Indeed, according to market research and analysis conducted by Technavio, the Ultrabook industry’s revenue is set to grow at a whopping CAGR of 43.61 percent through to 2016.

The upward climb for vendors in the market won’t be easy however, largely due to the ongoing Ultrabook vs. MacBook air debate. From a strictly objective perspective, the issue shouldn’t even be a contest. Ultrabooks and the MacBook Air both higher-powered and light weight systems, with a higher processing speed and a longer battery life in comparison to standard laptops. The differentiating factor? Ultrabooks are available at a much lower price-point. Despite this distinct advantage however, the Macbook air’s adoption among consumers has been significantly higher, primarily because of the trendiness of the Apple brand.

Key Ultrabook vendors, including HP, Dell, Lenovo, Asus and Sony are not keen to accept defeat so easily however, and are rapidly introducing technological innovations to push ahead of the industry.

Such innovations include plans to introduce light-weight panels, increased camera and screen resolutions, and increased SSD capacities, in order to offer high value proposition to the customers. Also driving the market, is the impending 2013 release of third and fourth generation Intel Haswell processors, and the latest Ultrabook platform, Shark Bay. On top of all these developments, the average sale price (ASP) of Ultrabooks is expected to drop by about US $200 during the 2012-2016 period.

In short, all signs seem to say that Ultrabooks are soon to drastically outweigh their rivals in terms of specs and cost In turn, there’s a good chance that end-users will start looking past the trendiness of that apple shaped logo and towards the all-around better product settling the Ultrabook vs. MacBook air debate, and propelling the Global Ultrabook Market to unprecedented heights.

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