Top Trends in the Smart Cameras Market

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Tech across the board is getting smarter, faster and more social, and cameras are no exception. Advanced operating systems are helping smart cameras gain some serious traction, with the global market expected to grow at a CAGR of 39% from 2014-2019.

And while consumer convenience and improved functionalities are certainly key drivers for this growth, the benefits of smart cameras go far beyond creating a better point and shoot.

Smart Surveillance Cameras in Retail

Smart cameras equipped with video analysis are expected to gain popularity as tools to help understand customers’ buying habits.

This new breed of camera has smart vision sensors that can monitor a subject’s movements, and the data gathered can provide key insights about customer preference. This helps marketing teams design better product placement inside stores, and also provides insights for marketing campaigns.

Availability of Compact Lenses

Part of the idea behind smart cameras is that they will eventually offer a decent altrnative to bulkier DSLRs. However, because of the difference in size, traditional interchangeable lenses won’t be compatible with the new cameras, which is leading vendors to develop compact interchangeable lenses.

As more lenses become available, more consumers will flock to smart cameras, which will be a major boon for market growth through the forecast period.

Smart Cameras in Home Appliances

In 2015, Electrolux introduced ovens equipped with smart cameras so that users can see what they’re cooking, even if they’re away from the kitchen. The smart camera also automatically turns off the oven when cooking is done.

It turns out, smart cameras are also pretty nifty outside the kitchen—when fitted to a television, they can act as a child lock, preventing children from watching adult programs. This will be an addition to the existing child lock, where the smart camera can process the image on the screen and identify whether the show is appropriate for children.

NFC-Compatible Smart Lenses

Smart Cameras with built-in NFC will have the ability to communicate with lenses within their range. Smartphones can act as a visual interface between the NFC-compatible lens and the smart camera. The images can also be viewed through a smart camera if it is in range. Depending on the type of lenses available, similar photographs can be taken using the smart camera, as long as it is paired with the smartphone. The NFC-compatible smart lenses can also be used as an economical replacement for video surveillance.

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