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Digital media is no longer a space used by a small group of people alone. With internet turning into a household name and smartphones becoming a rage among the masses, the use of online platform has evolved at a huge scale. Apart from being used as a medium of communication and entertainment, digital media is also a potent tool through which businesses can reach out to their client base. In fact, along with the traditional marketing strategy, every business today also has a digital marketing strategy for its products and services. And digital analytics is an integral part of every digital marketing plan.

So how does digital analytics work?

Entrepreneurs are looking for ways and means through which they can understand their target audience in a better manner. Be it, in terms of collecting feedback about the product or service, or trying to understand what is the target group looking for, brands are aggressively looking for ways in which they can gain a competitive edge in the global market. Digital analytics provides useful insights into consumer behavior by collecting, measuring and analyzing digital data on various interactive channels such as websites and mobile applications. Based on the data provided by the digital analytics tool, brands can improve upon their products and also build better marketing strategies

Some of the major vendors in the digital analytics market are:


It was in the year 2011 that Google had launched enterprise-level analytics solution known as Analytics Premium. The tool provides integrated data and  marketing analytics platform to Google products and third-party integrations with CRMs and ESPs via API. By the year 2014, Google acquired Adometry to enhance its attribution portfolio. The tool was rebranded in the year 2016 as Google Analytics 360, and is widely used for audience measurement, website optimization and website attribution.


A leading digital analytics solution provider, Adobe is used in digital marketing strategies by clients across the retail, financial services, technology, travel, and media and entertainment industries. Marketing intelligence, cross-channel analysis, real-time automation, mobile app analytics, and interactive visualization are some of the key services provided by the company. With an eye to expand its reach in Europe and gain better position in the enterprise media and entertainment vertical, Adobe recently acquired the Digital Analytix Enterprise platform.


Oracle Marketing Cloud and Social Listening are two major digital analytics tool offered by the software giant. The marketing cloud platform is primarily used to measure, analyze, and also track cross-channel customer engagement. Oracle Social Listening on the other hane provides social media monitoring of approximately 700 million daily messages using LSA. Marketing automation and data management are the two other most sought after services provided by Oracle. Kellogg Co. is one of the major brands which uses Oracle Data Cloud’s Datalogix to analyze the anonymous purchase behavior of consumers in the US for its Eggo waffle campaign.


Another leading player in the analytics industry, SAS offers web and mobile analytics solutions through its SAS Intelligence suite. This tool is primarily used by brands for cloud and visual analytics, customer intelligence, and forecasting SAS 360 Discover and SAS 360 Engage are the two models through which the company analyzes web and mobile digital interactions.


Since 2010, IBM has ventured into the digital analytics market with the acquisition of Coremetrics, Unica, Tealeaf, and Silverpop. The cloud-based platform offers real-time digital analytics, data monitoring, cross-device tracking and comparative benchmarking. Usually the company’s analytics services are used by mid-level and enterprise-level marketers in the financial services, retail, telecommunications, travel, and hospitality sectors.

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