Top 5 Companies in the Global Advanced Energy Market

Advanced Energy Market

The ways in which we make, manage, and use energy has changed drastically over the past decade. New technologies and business models which focus on clean, affordable and sustainable energy production have led to the emergence and steady popularity of the advanced energy market.

Global Advanced Energy Market 2018-2022Advanced energy market: Advancing at the right paceld

According to our newest report on the global advanced energy market, dynamic government policies backed by continuous innovation through R&D have given a major boost to this market. The high demand from the solar PV market in particular is seen by experts as an important driver for the expansion of the advanced energy market.

The trend towards building efficiency and increased sales of plug-in electric vehicles and hybrid vehicles is responsible for the mounting interest in advanced energy materials.

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The following lists the top 5 companies in the global advanced energy market that are responsible for big advancements in advanced energy storage systems and technologies.

1) ENN Energy Holdings Limited | China

Subsidiaries: Transfuels LLC, ENN Canada Corporation, Xinao Energy Sales Ltd.

One of the largest contributors of clean energy in China, ENN Energy constructs, operates, and manages gas pipeline infrastructure. Founded in 1992, its main business portfolio includes distribution of natural gas, vehicle refueling gas (CNG and LPG), non-pipeline energy delivery, and other such value-added services.

Latest news from ENN: The company is taking its commitment towards advanced energy solutions to the next level. ENN Energy is venturing into the integrated energy business in China. The company is actively cooperating with the government to speed up advanced energy connections in new and existing buildings. ENN Energy is also working on coal-to-gas conversion projects in selective villages in China.

2) Silver Spring Networks | USA

Partners: Itron, Harris Utilities, Aclara, Schneider Electric.

Customers: Baltimore Gas and Electric Company, CitiPower and Powercor, ComEd, Consolidated Edison, CPS Energy, and Singapore Power.

This company provides critical infrastructure for smart utilities and connected enterprises in public and private network environments. Silver Spring Networks’ contribution in the global advanced energy market has been in the form of smart-grid systems for meter data management, distribution automation, GIS, and demand-side management.

Latest news from Silver Spring: The company recently entered into a partnership with NRTC. This partnership will offer reliable two-way advanced metering infrastructure (AMI) and other future smart grid and related applications. This partnership, according to industry analysts, is a positive move towards broadening the advanced energy portfolio of both companies.

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3) Brammo | USA

Subsidiary: BrammoParx

Brammo is a leading electric vehicle technology company which is also pioneering the growth of advanced energy. Their Energy of Things methodology helps in the optimal utilization of energy, bringing down the levels of carbon emissions. When it comes to innovation and influencing changes in set protocols, Brammo is seen as a heavy hitter.

Latest news: Brammo entered a strategic technology alliance with Raymond Corporation for developing robust lithium-ion alternative energy solutions. According to Craig Bramscher, CEO of Brammo, “The new strategic technology alliance will create more efficient commercial solutions without sacrificing environmental responsibility.

4) Clean Energy Fuels | USA

Subsidiaries: Clean Energy Renewables, NG Advantage, Clean Energy Cryogenics.

Clean Energy Fuels designs, builds, operates, and maintains fueling stations. A major provider of natural gas as an alternative fuel for vehicle fleets in the United States and Canada, the company’s advanced energy solutions include sale of tradable credits generated by selling natural gas and RNG as a vehicle fuel.

Latest news: Clean Energy Fuels introduced ZERO NOW, a fueling solution which combines the world’s cleanest engine technology with the cleanest fuel. This fueling solution provides heavy-duty truck fleets with a true zero-emissions advantage that can be easily and economically adopted.

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5) Alstom | France

Alstom is a major name in the rail transport market. The company has ventured into advanced energy solutions through its sustainable mobility solutions in the form of e-buses, trams, and high-speed trains.

Latest news from Alstom: Along with its subsidiary NTL, Alstom has designed Aptis, a premium passenger vehicle. The vehicle won the recent ‘Innovation Prize’ at the global bus exhibition. When compared to conventional buses, the two steerable axles of Aptis minimizes the turning radius and the footprint on the road by 25%– making it a perfect fit for the urban environment.