Top 18 Cloud Billing Services Companies

The Global Cloud Billing Services Market is witnessing intense competition because of the presence of many vendors. Though the competition among the top players is intense as they seek to gain a large market share and the leadership position, small vendors such as Chargify and Zuora are emerging in the market with integrated solutions that include charging policy and subscriber management functionality.

In addition, many new convergent charging software providers are entering the market. Easy integration with OSS software and reliability are expected to be the key distinguishing factors for the success of the convergent charging software providers.

Though there are several telecom billing software providers, only a few players offer the services on cloud. Thus, software players gain more share in this market by offering services on the cloud and on-premises.

TechNavio analysts have identified the top 18 companies in the Cloud Billing Services Market expected to help fuel market growth at a CAGR of 27.61 percent during the 2014-2019 period.


Amdocs’ tools are used to define, measure, and continually improve CRM-based business processes. Since the launch of Clarify version 8, the company has incorporated retail management functionalities in all new versions. The retail management functionality acts as an online store for telecom operators and the company is targeting its upcoming products at telecom operators in emerging markets such as India, China, and the MEA region.

CGI Group

CGI Group offers its Tapestry Rating and Billing solutions, which support converged pricing and single billing for products and services. Its convergent billing solutions include Correspondence Creator, Order Acquisition Manager, Event Pricer, and Product Portfolio, which help in managing all processes from event mediation to treatment of customers.


CSC’s premium billing solution offers end-to-end solution capabilities and hosting services for healthcare products. This solution covers the billing process from forecasting to cash payment through invoice and payment receipts. CSC’s Exceed Billing is a rules-based billing software used for P&C Carrier for both life and health insurance billing. It also offers a relational database and intelligent user interface, which are used by agents to provide improved services and ensure fast response.


Oracle’s Billing and Revenue Management Cloud Services combines billing solutions with the Oracle cloud, which gives advanced security and flexibility. The cloud billing services provided by the company offer discounting, debt and account management, financial management, and rating. The company’s cloud services deliver services through the subscription-based model supported by many service applications such as billing and invoicing, accounting, and pricing. It also provides end-to-end support for discounting, the charging process, and accounting.

Amazon Web Services

Amazon DevPay is a simple-to-use online billing and account management service that makes it easy for businesses to sell applications that are built in, or run on top of, Amazon Web Services. It is designed to make running applications in the cloud and on demand easier for developers.

It allows you to quickly sign up customers, automatically meter their usage of AWS services, have Amazon bill them based on the prices you set, and collect payments. Amazon DevPay provides a simple web interface for pricing your application based on any combination of up-front, recurring and usage-based fees. It uses Amazon Payments to process payments from your customers, and lets you leverage Amazon’s trusted billing infrastructure, making it easy for tens of millions of Amazon customers to pay for your application using their existing Amazon accounts.

Aria Systems

Aria is purpose-built to deliver unlimited monetization opportunities, maximize returns from every customer event (or “revenue moment”) including billing, provisioning, and servicing of products), and accelerate your time-to-market. With Aria you will better serve your customers because we enable the fastest innovation of pricing and packaging in the industry.

Aria provides the only cloud-based platform that is both robust and scalable enough to help enterprises seize new market opportunities and meet customer demands by rapidly deploying monetization models and quickly delivering new plans and packages.

The result? Better product offerings, more packaging options, fewer missed opportunities, improved customer service, and increased satisfaction that all support revenue growth and maximize customer lifetime value.

BMC Software

You need a cloud solution that can adapt as your business changes and grows—and you need it up and running fast. BMC can take your business from zero to cloud in less than a week and reduce service delivery costs by 30% or more.

Your customers want diverse service offerings at their fingertips. If you’re a service provider building a cloud business, BMC gives you the management capability you need to easily deliver secure multi-tier cloud services to your customers—helping you stand out from the competition.


Cerillion Skyline brings together flexible product creation and intuitive customer management, with a supercharged transaction processing engine and of course everything you need to bill and collect payment from customers, all in one online application with a simple pay as you grow pricing model. The application has also been built to comply with the latest security standards and web technologies so that you can integrate with your existing systems and processes with peace of mind.


ChargeBee is a cloud based recurring billing solution, providing an elegant & comprehensive service that solves recurring billing needs for businesses worldwide. Founded in June 2011, Saravanan (KPS), Rajaraman, Thiyagu and Krish, came together to build ChargeBee. They bootstrapped ChargeBee through the first 18 months, followed by investments from angel & institutional investors. Now, one of the premier global investors, Accel Partners is an investor in ChargeBee.


Chargify is a recurring billing system designed for Web 2.0 and SaaS companies. Chargify frees you from worrying about billing so you can focus on building innovative web applications. Chargify adapts to every recurring billing scenario. Within minutes of sign up, you’ll have access to flexible plan solutions, subscription add-ons, coupons, and effortless tax management.

Built by innovators for innovators. Starting as a small team within Grasshopper, Chargify has grown into a profitable powerhouse. There are Chargify employees across the globe and a dedicated office in Boston that continues to grow each year.


You need to provide critical cloud cost and usage data to decision-makers all over your company. Cloudability can help. Cloudability gives everyone in your operations, finance, product and management teams the specific cloud cost and usage data they need, right when they need it.

The flexibility you get with cloud resources can lead into unpredictable costs. The first step in managing those costs is to track the ups and downs as they happen. When your cloud spending goes up, you want to make sure that the increase is driven by growth, not waste. Cloudability makes it easy to see where you can save with Reserved Instances, and where resources can be turned off or downsized. Cloud costs are a company-wide issue, and everyone needs to be on the same page. Cloudability makes it easy to give everyone the data they need to drive cost-effective behavior every day.


Comarch is one of the leading international software houses and systems integrators of central Europe, based in Krakow, Poland. Comarch provides services in areas such as telecommunications, finance and banking, services & trade, public administration, and SMEs.

Comarch Convergent Billing is a modern tool perfectly suited for any type of communication services providers. It lets you charge customers for any type of service in real-time, personalize offers for your customers, and makes it easy to develop new business models in cooperation with various partners, which is essential to drive your business in the digital world.


IBM® SmartCloud Cost Management provides visibility into the usage and cost of your infrastructure and other non-IT resources. The software helps you track and assess shared computing resource usage accurately, and better manage the cost of your cloud and IT services.

IBM SmartCloud Cost Management provides the following features and benefits:

  • Provides insight into virtualized and physical IT assets—discover who is utilizing shared resources and what is being used. This helps you quantify how departmental and project behavior contributes to overall IT total cost of ownership.
  • Includes advanced analytics—uses IBM Cognos reporting and usage metering coverage for virtual and cloud computing resources, storage resources and network resources.
  • Provides user visibility into the cost implications of services—helps bring down costs while delivering IT services more efficiently.
  • Supports cloud showback and chargeback processes—provides an accurate metering and cost rating tool for tracking business processes against budgets.
  • Integrates more secure cloud usage reporting with cloud provisioning and management products—allows users to better manage the infrastructure cost of cloud offerings.


NEC Billing Cloud Service is a cloud service which allows you to rapidly deploy flexible billing and revenue sharing mechanism at lower cost. Based on SAP® Convergent Charging, proven by more than 200 companies worldwide in various industries, the service provides a competitive advantage through the efficient billing management.

Billing is configured by combining components of SAP Convergent Charging. Constructing billing logic based on discount logic and settings of logical and conditional parameters can support various billing patterns such as fixed, usage-based and recurring fees, and the combination of those. Also, in the case of providing complex services and fee menus, billing information from multiple sources can be consolidated.


As the leading recurring billing platform, Recurly ensures setup is easy, integrations are quick, and our service scales with the needs of your business. With Recurly you’ll be ready to accept payments and focus on growing your sales in no time.

On the surface, subscription billing sounds easy: charge a credit card a certain amount every month. But companies of all sizes have discovered that managing recurring billing is significantly more challenging than processing one-time payments.

By automating the complexities of subscription billing management, Recurly helps businesses eliminate the pain of scaling recurring billing operations with an easy, self-serve, pay-as-you-go platform.


Redknee’s cloud-based converged billing and customer care solution offers one of the most innovative platforms that will help you to overcome legacy billing complexity or launch to the market quickly. Whether you are launching a second brand, creating a new line of business, such as an MVNE or M2M, or upgrading your billing infrastructure, Redknee’s cloud-based solution will ensure that you gain the benefits of a flexible, agile and scalable next generation billing and customer care via a low-risk delivery model.


Vindicia® CashBox® delivers the SaaS-based subscription billing and recurring payment platform that B2C and B2B digital goods and service providers need to thrive. It overcomes the drawbacks of traditional billing approaches for digital goods to support the entire subscription lifecycle.

From over-the-top (OTT) video and other digital media to productivity and lifecycle services and more, CashBox helps companies take advantage of the subscription and recurring billing practices that drive higher revenues.


The cloud market is expected to grow to over $240 billion by 2020. To play in this league, you need a delivery system that gets virtual infrastructure services out to customers at lightning speed. Zuora’s Relationship Business Management (RBM) system lets your business move fast, delivering services on demand, with usage-based pricing, free trials, multiple editions, product bundles, and add-ons. And it puts you in control of the relationship with a subscription management system that supports customers at every step.