Top 15 Vendors in the Chinese Video Streaming Market

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China, with its large broadband user base, is experiencing substantial growth in the video streaming market. The four major categories of video streaming are video portals, content providers, advertisers, and users.
Analysts at Technavio predict that the video streaming market in China will grow at a CAGR of nearly 30% between 2016 and 2020. Key market drivers include a lack of entertainment programs on state-operated TV and the demand for
entertainment that is affordable to the masses. Additionally, the increase in the number of smartphone users has led video streaming to become even more popular.

Key vendors in the Chinese video streaming market

One of the most influential news broadcast companies in China, CNTV is owned by China Central Television (CCTV). CNTV offers multilingual as well as multi-terminal public webcast service platform for Chinese users.
It also integrates internet-based operations to offer interactive audio-visual services.

Xunlei Kankan

Popularly known as Kankan, Xunlei Kankan provides video-on-demand service. This service is also provided with a web interface and client application. Chinese dramas, regional movies, as well as international movies
from Hong Kong, Mainland China, Taiwan, South Korea and the US are all covered by Kankan.


Founded in 2004, PPTV is an online video network technology platform. It provides live streaming as well as video-on-demand services. PPTV also offers news, TV shows and other entertainment programs.


Founded in 2010, iQiyi is currently the largest online video site in China. Owned by Baidu and Providence Equity Partners, iQiyi has the copyrights of top entertainment shows played in Mainland China as well as copyrights
of entertainment shows in South Korea and Taiwan.


LeEco or Leshi Internet Information & Technology is one of the largest providers of online videos in China. Headquartered in Beijing, it is often considered China’s Hulu.
The company is involved in video production & distribution, internet TV, small gadgets, and large screen applications for eco-agriculture and internet-linked cars.


Sohu was founded in 1996 and is one of the largest internet portals in China. It provides video content like music, high quality movies, TV shows, self-produced dramas etc. Apart from video content, the company and
its subsidiaries offer advertising, online multiplayer gaming, a search engine, and other services.

Youku Tudou

Youku started off as one of China’s first video streaming sites, and in 2012 it merged with another popular video streaming website, Tudou, resulting in the emergence of Youku Tudou. Today, Youku
Tudou is the second largest video streaming sites in the country, and was taken over by ecommerce giant Ali Baba in April 2016.


Tencent, one of China’s largest and most-used internet services, was founded in 1998. Among its various services are web portals, multiplayer online games, a social network, an instant
messenger service known as Tencent QQ, and a mobile chat service called WeChat.


Other prominent vendors

Video Sina

Owned by the Sina Group, Video Sina provides the latest video news, movies, variety shows and dramas. Sina is the leading internet media company
in China, and also offers access to professional media and user-generated content in multimedia formats for web and mobile platforms.


Established by China Movie Channel in 2004, M1905 (1905 Movie Network) is a professional film portal, providing a movie network for those in the movie industry. The site holds copyrights for more than 6,000 movies
and has a collection of about 20,000 short videos.

Also known as PPStream, is a peer-to-peer streaming video network software. Its popular services include online videos, games, video search, and downloads. PPS Net TV, which is’s computer client, hosts
more than 200 thousand sets of channel programs, thereby making it one of the most popular Net TV clients in China.

360 Kan

A video resource navigation website, 360 Kan’s main function is to list out links available for various TV and drama shows, thereby helping users get the best viewing experience.


One of China’s leading video media platforms, V.qq is a part of – a popular instant messenger service provider in China. Today V.qq has more than 90 million active users, which has made it one of the most visited video sites in China.

Baidu Video

A part of, Baidu Video provides video search and content aggregation services. It aims to become the No.1 professional generated content video platform in China by providing users with their favourite video content. is a video sharing website that enables users to upload, view and share video clips. With a collection of more than 80 million online videos, the company has emerged as one of the leading video sharing platforms
in China.

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