Top 10 Companies Manufacturing Transparent Materials for Electronics


Transparent Electronics

Transparent electronics use transparent materials to produce invisible electronic circuits and optoelectronic devices. Transparent materials are insulators which possess completely filled valance and empty conduction bands.

Transparent conducting oxides (TCO) is widely used for transparent electronics because of its unique characteristic of exhibiting high optical transparency and high electrical conductivity. The most commonly used TCO in transparent electronics are In2O3, SnO2, ZnO and CdO.

The above exhibit describes that the transparent materials are applied to passive linear devices, and transparent electronic devices such as transparent optoelectronic devices including TTFTs and UV detectors that make up the invisible electronic circuit.

Transparent electronics is used for a wide range of applications including:

  • Solar panels
  • Windows
  • Displays

The Global Transparent Electronics Market witnessed a fairly strong growth in 2013 and the market is expected to grow at a CAGR of 52.91 percent during the period 2013-2018. The market growth was predominantly driven by the increasing adoption of transparent electronic materials in the Solar Panel industry. The number of applications of transparent electronics in the Display and Window segment is growing because of the rapid technological advancements and increasing demand for compact, sophisticated, and technological advanced products in the market. 

TechNavio analysts have pinpointed the top 10 transparent electronics companies expected to help fuel market growth during the forecast period:

Apple Inc.

Apple Inc. is always focused on innovation to deliver its customers advanced and innovative products. Its strategy is to acquire many patents for transparent displays to address the consumer need for transparent electronic products. It is investing heavily in R&D of transparent electronics to provide its customers sophisticated products complete with transparent technology.

Cambrios Technologies Corp.

Cambrios Technologies Corp. strategy is to expand its manufacturing facility to address the increasing need for transparent electronic components. It is focused on investing heavily in R&D to develop transparent electronic prototypes and to make its presence in the Global Transparent Electronics market.

Corning Inc.

Corning Inc.’s core strategy is to focus on developing high technology systems through leveraging its R&D expertise. It is committed to investing in R&D and engineering to drive innovation. Its future strategy is to grow its existing business and invest in long-range opportunities in each of its market segments. It is focused on new products including glass substrates for high performance displays and LCD applications.

3M Co.

3M Co.’s core strategy is to focus on research and product development, which has been a major driver for its sales growth. It invested heavily in R&D activities, which totaled US$1715 million in FY2013. It believes in maintaining strong relations with its suppliers and distributions channels, which allows it to avoid disruption in its manufacturing operations. 

Saint-Gobain SA

Saint-Gobain SA’s main competitive strategy is to focus on product differentiation. It always strives to provide innovative and differentiated products to its customers. In coming years, it aims at focusing on highly innovative industrial niches, such as transparent electronics, as a target market because of its strong growth potential.

Samsung Electronics Co. Ltd.

Samsung Electronics Co. Ltd. is able to achieve and maintain a competitive advantage by providing continual and timely development of new transparent electronic products. It also plans to enhance its technological strengths, which will help to capture the untapped Transparent Electronics market. One of its growth strategies is to continually expand its product portfolio. It primarily focuses on its R&D process and engineering, and continually invests to leverage its technology for better sales.

Dontech Inc.

Dontech Inc. is primarily involved in the design and development of optical filters, coatings, and optical components for electronic display products. “Since 1971 Dontech products have been integrated into display systems to enhance contrast, reduce reflections, suppress radio frequencies (e.g., EMI/RFI shielding), provide night vision compatibility, and increase the thermal operating range of displays.”

Evaporated Coatings Inc.

ECI manufactures indium-tin-oxide, transparent gold, and other hybrid transparent conductive coating designs. “ECI manufactures ITO (Indium-Tin-Oxide), transparent gold, and other hybrid transparent conductive coating designs. These films are typically used for applications that demand high visible light transmission and an electrically conductive surface.”

Kurt J. Lesker Co. Ltd.

Kurt J. Lesker Co. Ltd. is focused on the R&D of transparent conducting oxide materials. “These new materials are used in emerging industries such as: displays, solar panels and the windows industry. Lesker’s Materials Division has been able to identify 17 novel transparent conducting oxides which it believes have the potential to eventually make a commercial impact.”

Sharp Corp.

Sharp Corp. is engaged in designing and developing transparent solar windows and displays. “IGZO is a display made with artificially produced transparent crystalline oxide semiconductor that Sharp is the first in the world to successfully mass produce. Composed of indium, gallium, zinc and oxygen, IGZO is a revolutionary technology that makes possible what no other display has been able to achieve. IGZO is set to open a whole new range of possibilities, dramatically transforming the way we live.”