Three Reasons why Companies are Investing in Digital Asset Management

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Industries are gradually focusing on the digital medium to market their products. The near ubiquity of the Internet and widespread use of mobile devices, along with rising online usage, have encouraged companies to consider digital asset management (DAM) solutions as an add-on factor to boost business development initiatives.

In the retail sector, lowering the product margin adds pressure to profits. This leads organizations in this sector to create higher efficiencies in store operations through improved workforce management, product placement, and store layouts.

Reviewing recorded video to find a particular incident is a tiresome and lengthy process. Video management software helps organizations gain operational intelligence and real-time insights to investigate incidents. It enables quick video search by filtering.

Organizations in the retail sector are increasingly using advanced software to monitor and identify theft, and alert staff regarding the same. This software also helps organizations to remotely monitor geographically dispersed stores.

The media and entertainment industry has been increasingly using DAM solutions to manage massive digital content. Industries continue to leverage DAM solutions with technologies such as next-generation interactive services, SEO, and mobility.

Simplify Management of Rich Media Content

Organizations are using digital content for marketing. Organizing, storing, and locating a specific image or a video from among thousands of digital assets spread across many folders has become cumbersome. Similarly, uploading content in a shared drive has become a tedious process.

Moreover, the proliferation of rich media has made it difficult to select and download media. Using a normal search function to look within thousands of files for specific text on a network drive takes a long time. It becomes more complex when rich media files get involved with enterprise-wide assets, and must be accessible from multiple departments.

With DAM solutions, organizations can create an archive and develop an infrastructure to store and manage digital assets. DAM also facilitates a search functionality that allows end-users to identify, locate, and retrieve an asset quickly.

Increased Concerns over Security

The occurrence and complexity of security breaches and attacks have increased. Globally, antisocial activities such as robbery, theft, shoplifting, and terrorist attacks are also rising. As a step to control these activities, many governments have passed stringent regulations mandating the installation of video surveillance cameras in public places such as hypermarkets, hospitals, airports, railway stations, hotels, intersections, and malls. These regulations are aimed at providing enhanced security and safety to the general public.

The cameras generate immense volumes of data on a daily basis. The increased use of new camera technology and video surveillance storage solutions among several industry verticals has boosted the demand for secure and scalable video management software, which offers multiple options for viewing and archiving video from networked security cameras.

High Demand for Dynamic Documents

The increased use of mobile devices and software has helped organizations to create rich content. Nowadays, organization rely on digital media for most of their functions, and are aggressively adopting office document solutions to generate rich media and create more compelling content. This is driving organizations to shift from static documents to dynamic documents.

Dynamic documents are interactive and include buttons, embedded calculations, links, and content such as images, videos, drawings, embedded webpages, and forms. They can be easily created and secured by integrating them with existing document management systems. This helps organizations to streamline the communication of complex ideas, and enables workers to deliver better proposals and presentations.