Interactive Kiosks- Making Life Easy, One Step at a Time!

interactive kiosk

Imagine entering an over-crowded place like an airport and waiting in a long queue to get your work done, not only is it tiring but also a waste of time. Now, imagine a superhero named “Interactive Kiosk” – a form of self-service technology at places that witness high number of footfall- placed there to rescue you! The Global Interactive Kiosk Market is expected to surge past the 13% mark in terms of CAGR during the forecast period (2017-21).

Interactive Kiosks – At Your Service 24×7

Owing to rapid growth in retail, travel and entertainment sector, there has been an increase in the demand for Interactive kiosks at airports, hotel lobbies, cafeterias, theatres, etc. This can also be attributed to the change in consumer attitudes towards self-service kiosks as it saves time and energy and enhances the customers’ shopping experience. People are increasingly seeking convenience in everything possible, thereby, they seek out user friendly shopping environments that make their life easy.

Points to Consider Before Making a ‘Kiosk’ Purchase

If you’re looking to install a kiosk at your service location, there are certain things to bear in mind. Our experienced team of analysts at Technavio, bring you four points to consider before taking the plunge,

  • Is it cost effective? Kiosks are priced as per the features offered, hence, the vendors should make sure that it is affordable to customers.
  • Is the Kiosk user-friendly? As people usually link it with convenience and quick service, the machine should be easy to use and convenient to both- consumers as well as the company.
  • Is it beneficial to the users? The machine should be high on functionality that relate to the services offered by the organisation and should add value to it.
  • Is after sales support provided? The manufacturers must provide affordable and efficient support such as easy software upgradation and free servicing to customers. (Makes life easy!)

Interactive Kiosks Market – Know the Who’s Who in Town

The interactive kiosk market is highly dynamic; hence the competition is extremely high. The market is highly fragmented with presence of many vendors, both international and regional. These players compete based on various aspects such as software, hardware, portfolio, services offered and pricing. his rat-race is expected to intensify during the forecast period (2017-21) due to the increase in demand for these self-service machines. Let us have a look at the major players in this in-demand market,

  • Diebold
  • IBM
  • KIOSK Information Systems
  • NCR
  • HP
  • LG

We, at Technavio, have conducted an in-depth analysis of the global interactive kiosks market and it is projected to be profitable during the forecast period (2017-21). Interested to know more? Download the FREE samples right away or better still, ask us for an exclusive made-to-order report, just for you!