Technavio’s Tech Tuesday: Wearables

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Technology is no longer something we simply “use.” Today, wearable technology has become a trend and in some cases even a fashion statement. From smart textiles to wearable entertainment devices, technology has redefined the way that we experience life.

The gaming and entertainment industries in particular have seen a spike in the number of smart wearables. The smart wearable entertainment devices and services market was valued at $2.43 billion in 2015. Analysts at Technavio predict that the market will reach over $6 billion by 2020, recording a CAGR of 23%.

Top Smart Wearable Devices

Apple Watch

Apple Inc.’s popular wearable device, Apple Watch, helps you keep a track of your health and fitness in a simple and hassle-free manner. Also with recent software updates and a drop in prices– this is one tech device that all fitness enthusiast should have.

iTV Goggles Video Glasses

If you are looking for a device that will redefine entertainment, then iTV Goggles Video Glasses is the one. A revolution in wearable technology, these glasses are equipped with a high resolution LCD screen for each eye, thereby creating a surreal visual experience. Ideal for 3D content as well, these goggles are essentially a portable movie theatre, with a built-in multimedia player and storage. Additionally, you can read e-books in text format with the help of this gadget.

Samsung Gear S2

A very attractive wearable, Samsung Gear S2 is a sleek, round wrist watch that is resistant to water and dust. From monitoring your heartbeat, to keeping track of the weather, to answering messages, to listening to your favourite music, this gadget from Samsung lets you do it all. The device also boasts of great interface, voice call & data support, along with wireless connectivity to any Android device.


How often have you wished you could control when and how you sleep? Kokoon might be the answer. Known as the world’s first sleep sensing headphones, Kokoon helps you relax and sleep better. Its discrete EEG sensors, gel cushioning, along with its active and passive noise cancellation feature makes it a useful and effective wearable device. Pre-orders for Kokoon have already commenced, and the gadget is slated to ship by late 2016.


Regarded as the world’s first activity tracker for swimmers, Xmetrics combines advanced algorithms with biomedical sensors to provide precise data on swimming activity. Whether you are a professional swimmer or a novice, this gadget provides you with highly customized feedback. Further, its ergonomic back-of-head positioning along with real-time audio feedback makes Xmetrics even better.

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