See Your World Differently Using Augmented Reality Applications


Many gadgets that used to only exist in the fantasy and sci-fi worlds of television and film have evolved into highly functional tools meant to be used in our day to day lives. Such is the case with augmented reality applications and Head-Mounted Display devices (HMDs). The use of HMDs as a tool in healthcare, military defense, and the sporting world is undeniable, which is reflected by the Global Head-Mounted Display Market’s impressive CAGR of 56.24%. 

Key-players in the HMD market, including Kopin, Thales Group, eMagin, Forth Dimension Displays, are expanding augmented reality technology to produce multi-functional and streamlined devices capable of performing the following functions:

  • Assisting in the performance of telerobotic surgeries
  • Providing “x-ray vision” by layering system diagrams over the technician’s natural vision
  • Showing patients’ vital signs during surgeries and the administration of anaesthesia
  • Integrating radar and symbiology in pilots’ flying helmets
  • Displaying maps and geothermal imaging data over the natural vision of military agents

Currently, North America holds the largest share in head-mounted displays, closely followed by Europe. It is expected however, that the APAC will dominate the market in the next few years. Considering the region’s population and propensity for technological innovation, the increased adoption of HDMs in the APAC district will result in unprecedented growth within the market.

All the same, like any technology with the potential for such a large societal impact, reactions towards developments in HMDs are mixed. Many consumers have expressed concerns about the possible security implications of the devices’ technology. Potential privacy breeches include:

  • Identifying strangers and uncovering their personal information by using Facial Recognition
  • Recording and broadcasting private conversations
  • Filming individuals without consent

Even so, the general response towards modern HMDs has been one of positivity and excitement. If this technology is integrated into day to day use on a mass scale, our society will experience an almost unfathomable evolution in the way that we interact with our surroundings and one another.

For more information on the many sectors of the augmented reality application industry, view our 2012-2016 Global Head-Mounted Display Market report.

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