SCARA Robots Get a Futuristic Makeover

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Open up a science journal from twenty or thirty years ago, and you’re likely to have a few laughs at the outlandish predictions of futurologists from back in the day. One of the most popular forecasts for the new millennium was the impending replacement of humans by fully-functional and conscious robots in the near future. Fortunately-despite the forecasts of the 1980s, we’re nowhere close to being overtaken by an army of cyborgs. That said, there’s no denying that ”robotic assistances” are becoming a larger part of our day-to day life, and with very positive effects. This is illustrated by the current value of the Global SCARA Robot Market and its anticipated CAGR of 4.15 percent for the 2012-2016 period.

SCARA robots are used across the globe to perform assembly tasks in a wide range of industries, including:

  • Electrical and electronics
  • Automotive
  • Rubber and plastics
  • Food and beverage

The benefits that SCARA robots bring to these areas are undeniable, which has been the reason behind the market’s continued success for so many years. In order to maintain this success however, vendors in the industry will need to overcome one impending obstacle: the danger of newer, better, and more futuristic technology.

Many end-users are already exploring more advanced industrial robotic systems that are capable of performing more tasks than what is possible with the standard SCARA robot. With this in mind, the key to long-term growth within the market will be new advanced SCARA robotic systems with improved features and functionalities. The market’s top players are already working on these developments.

For instance, Seiko is currently in the development phase of a next-generation compact version of the standard SCARA robot. Meanwhile other vendors working on making huge technological advancements in the market, such as the emergence of beltless and ceiling-mounted SCARA robots with artificial intelligence. These systems will help improve efficiency, decrease production errors, and re-establish SCARA robotics as the technology of choice in assembly fields.

Considering the pressure that vendors face to take their products to the next-level, we at TechNavio are very excited to see what kind of innovations and expansion the Global SCARA Robot Market will bring in the next few years. In fact, maybe we’re a bit closer to those full-fledged robotic assistances and cyborg companions than we think!

For more information, view our 2012-2016 report on the Global SCARA Robot Market.

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