Oracle, Daptiv and Innotas are Among the Top Companies Offering SaaS-Based Project Management

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Software as a service (SaaS) is creeping into every aspect of business. Both large and small organizations are turning to centrally hosted, subscription-based and on-demand services for scalable, economic business operations.

And portfolio and project management (PPM) is no different- the global SaaS-based PPM market is expected to reach $1,644.21 million by 2019, growing at a CAGR of 31.19% from 2014-2019.

Leading Vendors Analysis

While the overall vendor landscape is relatively fragmented, with several large and medium-sized vendors fighting for market share, Technavio analysts have identified five top companies that are expected to impact the direction of the market through the forecast period.


Daptiv specializes in on-demand PPM solutions. Daptiv Connect, an on-demand integration service, and Daptiv Mobile enable users to manage timesheets and tasks across various mobile platforms. The company provides end-to-end IT governance capabilities to formulate strategies and monitor implementations for project portfolio investments, and helps manage the operational and financial aspects of IT governance.

The company operates through the following product segments:

  • PPM: Offers PPM solutions such as portfolio management, project management, resource management, financial management, financial management, dynamic applications, work intelligence, and security and administration
  • Mobile: Caters to the clients across multiple mobile platforms such as iOS, Android, and Blackberry


Innotas is one of the leaders in SaaS-based PPM, offering the following solutions:

  • Project portfolio management: Offers solutions, including analytics, dashboard, and reports; resource management; project prioritization and alignment; project and program management; project request management; financial management; and integration
  • Application portfolio management: Provides solutions, including application, resource, service request, and financial management
  • Predictive portfolio analysis: Offers solutions for enabling exceptional portfolio execution, maximizing resources, improving stakeholder relationships, increasing business agility, enabling fully automated analysis, and optimizing time and money
  • Agile portfolio management: Offers portfolio visibility and planning, financial and cost tracking, resource management and time tracking, and strategic objective alignment
  • Resource management: Provides demand planning, capacity planning, what-if scenario planning, time tracking, dashboards, and reports
  • Integration platform: Enables better visibility and transparency, saves time and money, and offers standards-based interoperability

Innotas also offers implementation, consulting, education, and community and support services. It operates its business through various partners, including Atlassian, Zendesk, Rally software, and Onelogin. The partners are categorized into three groups, including implementation/service, single sign-on, and technology/integration partners. The company has data centers in North America, Ireland, Australia, and Singapore.



Oracle provides and supports the complete project life cycle within a single, integrated view of all project-related components. 

The company operates through three business segments:

  • Software and cloud: Offers new software licenses and updates, cloud software subscriptions, product support, and other software solutions (including database, middleware, Java, management, and application) built on a standard-based architecture that supports a wide range of operating systems such as Oracle Solaris, Oracle Linux, third-party UNIX, and Microsoft Windows
  • Hardware systems: Offers servers, virtualization software, networking and data center fabric products, storage products, and management software to the cloud computing and other IT sectors
  • Services: Provides consulting, advanced customer support, and education services, including training and certification programs offered to customers, partners, and employees

Upland Software


Upland Software provides cloud-based enterprise work management software. The company’s offerings include a family of cloud-based enterprise work management software applications under the Upland brand for the IT, process excellence, finance, professional services, and marketing functions across organizations.

Upland Software’s products and solutions are classified under the following categories:

  • Program and portfolio management: Includes solutions that enable its customers to gain high-level visibility across their organizations and improve top-down governance and management of programs, initiatives, investments, and projects
  • Project management and collaboration: Comprises solutions that enable its customers to improve collaborations and the execution of both projects and unstructured applications
  • Workflow automation and enterprise content management: Includes solutions that assist its customers to automate document-based workflows and control access and distribution of their content to boost productivity and collaboration
  • Digital engagement management: Comprises solutions that help its customers to automate the digital provision of personalized content to target audiences through website and mobile devices
  • Automation professional services: Includes solutions that assist its customers to manage their knowledge workers more effectively to track work and expenses better
  • Financial management solutions: Comprises solutions that help its customers to have visibility into the cost, quality, and value of internal services delivered within their organizations


Workfront (formerly AtTask) provides cloud-based enterprise work management solutions that help marketing, IT, and other enterprise teams to solve various issues such as large volumes of data such as emails, and status meetings. Workfront Enterprise Work Cloud is a solution for managing and collaborating on various projects through the entire work life cycle.