Global Data Center Cooling Solutions Market Gets Wet


Ten years ago, liquid data centre coolants didn’t exist and most people thought they never would. Combining an electricity-based system with water sounds like a disaster waiting to happen, right? Well this might have been the case in the past, but thanks to the modern research and technology of the 21st century, liquid is now a viable and more-efficient alternative to traditional air-cooling solutions. In fact, it might be just the saving grace that the Global Data Center Cooling Solutions Market needs in order to overcome some of the challenges it’s currently facing and see upward growth trends for the next few years.

At present, some of the difficulties encountered by the market include:

  • Increasing Complexity of Data Center Architecture
  • Growing Capital Costs Decreasing Adoption
  • Increasing Hot Spots in Data Centers
  • Determining Cooling Methodology

Air cooling-the current industry standard-is simply not thermally efficient enough to deal with these issues. Liquids on the other hand, have a much higher capacity for heat storage and can be used in lesser quantities at lower costs with even greater efficiency than air. These advantages obviously offer a lot of appeal for potential end-users, and in turn, high rewards for vendors. As of 2013, three of the market’s top key-players-Emerson Network Power, Schneider Electric, and Rittal-offer water based cooling solutions, and we have little doubt that most-if not all vendors will eventually follow.

Albert Szent Gyorgi, Hungarian physiologist, once called water ”The Hub of Life”. Gyorgi certainly wasn’t referring to computer-based technology when he uttered those words, but even so, we at TechNavio think it’s safe to say that water might also be the hub of life and the key to longevity for the Global Data Center Cooling Solutions Market.

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