Flexible Displays : The Next Big Thing in Smartphones

The world of electronics is constantly evolving, and innovative material technologies have facilitated a massive leap in the development of more compound hi-tech displays for mobile devices. Consequently, flexible displays are no more a marketing gimmick but a major and extremely imperative display technology innovation which holds enormous potential to deliver resolutions that are light, thin, and foldable.

As per the expert analysts at Technavio, the next five years are promising to bring advanced flexible display panels for smartphones to the global market. Subsequently, end-users of the smartphone will be able to fold, twist and roll them like paper, at their convenience.

From prototypes to full-fledged products

While Samsung, LG, and many other top smartphone brands have been displaying prototype phones for years, it is only now that flexible screen phones are going commercial. When these brands talk about a flexible display technology, they are indeed speaking about the organic light-emitting diode (OLED) display panel precisely placed beneath the cover glass which is now made using plastic material rather than rigid glass.

There are several benefits to display that moves and bends. The latest flexible displays promise to be lighter and thinner as they have fewer layers than the LCDs we see on tablets and phones now. Additionally, flexible displays are more durable than today’s phone displays, thanks to the plastic materials used in producing a range of smart and flexible displays.

Flexible smartphones: The race is on

The mobile phones with flexible screens have driven several smartphone manufacturers to catch up in this fierce battle as they jostle to win market share with the groundbreaking products. In the recent times, Xiaomi and Vivo – the Chinese brands released their first smartphones with flexible active-matrix organic light-emitting diode (AMOLED) displays, while many other manufacturers have robust plans to develop their own foldable and dual-edge curved smartphone designs.

Above all, Apple is expected to unveil its latest iPhone equipped with flexible AMOLED display in the year end, which would dramatically drive up estimated demand for flexible display panels.

We are on the verge to experience the electrifying technology that will revolutionize the smartphone industry beyond the imagination. With a surge of engineers working hard to develop cutting-edge tech, flexible displays are absolutely a module to watch in the mobile space.

Source the valuable insights on this pioneering industry through a comprehensive market research conducted by experts at Technavio.