Cricket Analysis Software: Mapping the Field to Ace the Execution

Cricket analysis software

When it comes to sports, cricket relishes the second largest fan base in the world. The passion, craze, thrill, and excitement that the spectators experience is unmatchable to that of any other sport. Besides, thanks to the technology and analysis the popularity and interest in the game has grown many fold over the past few decades. With the help of cricket analysis software, the game of skill has become foolproof. In the new fast-paced versions of cricket matches including Twenty20 and premier leagues, the coaches and captains extremely rely on the cricket analysis software for making crucial decisions regarding team strategy.

Software, such as hawk-eye and smart coach systems, provides significant features comprising delivery data analysis and video analysis. Delivery data analysis determines every single attribute associated with the ball delivery, and stores to use it for further trend analysis and pattern recognition. Whereas, video analysis comprises a thorough study on both the batsman side and the bowler side.

The motivation:  A favorable pitch to ace the scores

To survive and thrive in a competitive environment, players in the cricket analysis software market are adopting the new customer-centric and value-based pricing models which are dependent on customer demands and value perceptions. Thus, the increasing need for competitive responsiveness is a major point of motivation for the growth in the global cricket analysis software market.

In addition to that, the market share of the on-premises cricket software is aggressively being taken over by single – and multi-tenant- cloud solutions. Cloud-based solutions are being employed by small as well as large enterprises that deliver the increased flexibility and efficiency in their operations. Hence, the rising adoption of the cloud cricket analysis solutions is playing a crucial role in the growth of the cricket analysis software market.

Knocking in: The major applications of cricket analysis software

  • Sports associations: The cricket analysis software is employed by many cricket boards including ICC and BCCI, major and minor leagues, cricket unions, individual players, tournaments, and clubs.

The software aids associations to be organized, and also allows to input team information, streamline registration, add and drop players, as well as schedule an entire season in less time. This segment contributes a huge share in the growth of the global cricket analysis software market.

  • Coaching institutes: Tactics, techniques, and physical fitness are often tested and analyzed by coaches to develop the skills and performances of players. A detailed video analysis aids the coaches in better training, and helps the players to make smarter decisions on the pitch. 

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