Global Content Marketing Industry: Top 3 Trends Driving Growth in 2019

content marketing industry

Since ‘Content is King’ still currently applies to all marketing strategies, the global content marketing industry has continued to experience steady growth over the recent years. Content marketing has long been critical for business and industrial operations, thanks to its practicality and applications that allow almost any business to reap the benefits in terms of lead generation, thought leadership, brand awareness, and customer acquisition. Needless to say, the concept of content marketing has worked effectively for decades and continues to work in this modern era of digitalization. After all, 72% of companies say content marketing increases leads. Consequently, the growing number of companies in almost every industry vertical are embracing content marketing as their primary marketing strategy. Below are the top 3 trends that are leading the growth of the global content marketing industry in 2019.

Global Content Marketing Industry: Top 3 Trends Leading the Growth in 2019

Dominance of Mobile Devices over Desktops for Content Marketing

Currently, most of the content market audience are frequent smartphone users, a trend that is here to stay as the number of mobile devices users continues to increase rapidly across the globe. Social media networking sites such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Instagram are all easily accessible through mobile devices and each have developed apps that run on mobile platforms. End users primarily access these social media sites through their mobile devices.  Moreover, apps that run on mobile platforms have also led to new opportunities for global content marketing industry; it has been estimated that 36% of the time spent on digital media is through mobile devices and approximately 80% of the social media marketing spending will be used for mobile content marketing.

Content Marketing Automation is on Rise

The increasing adoption of content marketing automation software by SMEs is a major factor that is driving the growth of the global content marketing industry. SMEs have started to emphasize the importance of implementing sales force automation systems and other sales technologies when competing with large enterprise. An increasing number of companies are now focusing on integrating and automating their content marketing efforts to optimize returns on marketing campaign spending, which has led to the need for marketing automation software. Content marketing automation software helps them to reduce the risk of uncoordinated messages being sent to clients. The implementation of such systems will reduce the number of resources needed to repair the resultant damage from mixed messages to restore customer relationships.

Growing Popularity of Industrial Content Marketing

It used to be just a small segment within the global content marketing industry, but industrial content marketing is now an increasing focal point for industrial manufacturers, distributors, and engineering companies. Developing and implementing effective industrial content marketing strategies has become extremely critical for industrial players in terms of generating high quality inbound leads, accelerating pipelines, and increasing sales. Since today’s industrial buyers are rapidly shifting towards self-serve and self-select mode, they will only engage with salespeople when they have most of their procurement decisions ready. Therefore, one of the key elements of industrial content marketing is about how to attract the right audience, capture valuable leads and create effective framework for sales department to have more productive conversations instead of spending their time in blind prospecting with random buyers.