Bright Forecasts for the Atomic Layer Deposition Market


Technavio analysts have been closely monitoring the Global Atomic Layer Deposition Market for the past few years, and have noticed some very exciting developments in the field. The most noteworthy of which, is most likely the huge increase in demand for atomic layer depositions (ALDs) from nano-component manufacturers. Indeed, we predict that this demand will play a huge role in pushing the atomic deposition forward at a lofty CAGR of 35.4 percent for the 2012-2016 period.

ALD technology offers several advantages to the nano-component market, including:

  •  Deposition of micro-thin film deposition of one layer at a time
  •  Uniformity over the entire substrate
  •  Conformity in deep trenches
  •  Accuracy of controlled thickness
  • Layer by layer deposition
  •  Superior quality of atomic layer deposition

These benefits are hard to ignore, leading to a mass-scale adoption of atomic layer deposition materials across all vendors of nano-components. The market reach for ALDs is even wider, thanks to the enormous number of industries that require nano-components, from electronic manufacturers, to industrial producers, to food and drink vendors.

In addition, several new technologies which make use of atomic layer deposition technique have emerged in the past year, such as photovoltaic as well as energy and phase change memory in microelectronics.

Despite these optimistic trends however, the market for ALD systems and solutions is not without its shortcomings. One of the largest of these barriers, is the premium cost of initial investment required from end-users. Few SMEs can afford to invest in the atomic layer deposition process and rely on other deposition technologies such as PVD and CVD. Although market vendors are continually working to decrease the price of their products, atomic layer deposition equipment and materials are still expensive.

That being said, many key-market vendors including Adeka, Applied Materials, and ASM International are already making huge investments in R and D to develop more affordable products and tap price-driven markets. Additionally, though lower priced alternatives such as PVD and CVD solutions exist, they are not advanced enough for the complex functions involved in producing micro-electronics. ALD systems on the other hand, are more than capable of fulfilling the needs of such productions.

After taking all this into consideration, we at TechNavio are confident in forecasting huge growth in the Global Atomic Layer Deposition Market for the next few years, and even more in the extended future.