Bend the Learning Curve with Corporate Game Based Training

Corporate trainings can get quite boring and monotonous –for both the trainers as well as the trainees. And while every corporate office is looking for ways in which they can transform the training process into a more ‘engaging and fruitful’ experience, only few have been able to achieve this target. But adoption of e-learning environments has boosted the chances of improving the overall corporate training process. And, game-based learning is one of the takeaways of this change in the teaching-learning process.

Games, something which most of us think is just for the kids and hardly has any place in the serious corporate setup, can play in improving the overall productivity of your workforce. Here are some of the best ways through which games can improve overall training process:

1. Improved engagement

Lack of proper engagement of employees is perhaps one major issue which every organization faces at some point of time. As minor as this issue might seem, improper employee engagement is one major factor which hinders the overall growth and affects the profit margins of a company. A sure shot way in which engagement of the trainees can be improved is by changing the method of instruction. In a game-based training module, emotions like pleasure, reward, surprise, and competition come into play. Which is why, trainees are more actively involved in the process, as now they are in “the zone” which brings out their latent capabilities.

2. Easier to use

With BYOD being a norm is several organizations, it has become even more easier for trainers to pass on the training sessions as and when the employee wants. Vendors have in fact designed special training modules specifically for hand-held devices like mobile phones and i-Pads. Having access to game-based training modules on one’s personal device enables the end-user to use his leisure time in a much more productive manner, thereby saving on his work timing in the office. Keeping these aspects in mind, games on personal productivity management, negotiation, and conflict resolution, are being offered by Gamelearn.

3. Better delivery of teaching process

At the end of the day, the goal of every training program is to teach new skills to the employees. And game-based learning system does the same. As both the affective and cognitive domains of the learners are utilized in this learning process, the trainer can stay assured that what he intends to teach is being effortlessly understood. By cultivating values and internalizing them, what an organization gets is a highly skilled and well-informed workforce.

Because of its immense benefit to the corporate world, market researchers at Technavio expect the market for game based corporate learning to witness a CAGR of around 12% by 2021.

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