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Top 10 Wearable Technology Companies in the World 2018

What is Wearable Technology? Wearable technology refers to any electronics device which can be worn on the body in the form of clothing or accessory and can collect information to enhance the wearers natural abilities. The world’s leading wearable technology companies are nowadays offering various of wearable technology products including fitness trackers, smart watches, smart…

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Wearable medical devices

Wearable Medical Devices: Future of Technology in the Healthcare Sector

The healthcare landscape has always been quick to adopt groundbreaking connected technologies. Especially those that help providers offer an improved standard of care, while increasing efficiency and reducing operational costs. Among the various changes that have occurred- including the development of new imaging capabilities, the rise of electronic medical records, and so on- the standout…

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Top 5 Wearable Electronic Companies to Watch in 2018

For years, smartphones have been ruling the global consumer electronics industry and the technology world with endless advancements and wide-ranging product options. However, today, there is one new tech contender that is making great strides in the global market, and competing for the top spot: wearable technology – a sensor, gadget, or electronic device that…

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Wearable Technology : High Impact Devices Help Healthcare Industry Offer Real-time Medical Solutions

A lot has been said about how the healthcare industry has been a rather conservative space when it comes to adoption of technology. At the same time, there is no denying the fact that technology – be it in the form of big data, cloud computing, or wearable devices – has already made inroads in…

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