AR and VR healthcare

How AR and VR Healthcare Technology is Improving Patient Care

There are many applications for AR and VR healthcare technology, from education to therapy and beyond. Augmented reality and virtual reality have been adopted for numerous industrial applications and for entertainment, but they are also working wonders for both patients and healthcare professionals. The market for AR and VR healthcare hardware and software is growing significantly. Technavio…

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vr in education

VR in Education: How Virtual Reality Has Transformed School Teaching in 2019

Virtual reality used in education is becoming increasingly popular and this trend will continue as market growth is expected to witness a significant boom over the next five years. Many industry experts believe that the introduction of virtual reality (VR) technology for educational purposes is offering the best solution to improve the way of conventional…

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How Is Corporate Training Designed To Meet The Requirements Of The Facebook Generation?

As much as corporate training programs are designed to improve the overall efficiency of the workforce, it is often seen that several employees do not find these trainings helpful enough. Several corporate unanimously agree that both the training content as well as the way these sessions are provided needs to be improved. Especially, the present…

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