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The Ultimate Cheat Sheet on the Global Smart Education Market

Smart education refers to the evolving face of the education sector, wherein the conventional idea of ‘just’ a teacher imparting knowledge to the students is replaced by a whole ecosystem of helpful tools. Smart education technologies include document cameras, interactive whiteboards, projectors, and 3D printers, alongside the more commonly available tools as interactive assistance in…

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The Number of Virtual School Enrollments in Canada Will Nearly Double in Five Years

Online learning is on the rise in Canada. It is becoming increasingly popular both in rural areas where access to comprehensive education can be challenging, and among parents who may need or want their children to learn from home. With high-speed internet access spreading to more remote areas of the country, access to virtual education…

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smart education

Smart Education : Nudging the World towards Virtual Learning

As the world is embracing modern technologies at a lightning speed, industries including automotive, healthcare, energy and many other are open to adopting smart platforms that will redefine their business operations. Closer home, the digital revolution is undeniably marking its presence in the ever-growing education sector. Through the past decade, the education system has come…

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