Smart Cities

Top 5 Smart City Trends to Watch in 2018

Smart cities are a reality today, thanks to the constant evolution of technologies that empower this initiative across the world. From the first human settlement to the industrial revolution, technology breakthroughs have been digitally transforming financial, environmental and social aspects of urban life. Today, the emergence of the Internet of Things (IoT) is generating new…

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Global Intelligent Transport System (ITS) Market 2017-2021

Intelligent Transport System meets IoT to Promote Smart, Scalable and Safe Urban Mobility

Coined more than two decades ago, the term Intelligent Transportation System (ITS) encompasses the subsets of information and communications technologies that applies to operational transportation, aiming to make transport systems smart, efficient, reliable, safe and environmentally sustainable. Herein, the purpose of intelligent and smart transportation system is to create organized, clean and hassle-free structures for…

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