Music streaming services

The Music Streaming Services Industry is Flourishing, but are Benefits Reaching Artists?

2019 was a very successful year for music streaming services. The US industry grew by around 20%, and it brought the entire music industry along with it – vinyl and CD sales both rose, with vinyl having its best year in over three decades. Globally, the music streaming services industry is expected to grow by…

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music streaming apps

Top 10 Best Music Streaming Apps in the Global Music Streaming Service Market 2018

Music streaming service that offer easy and real-time access to music is all the rage these days, thanks to the availability of affordable Internet and cloud technologies, and the changing consumer preferences. Consequently, an increasing number of people across the world are consuming music on their mobile phones. Combine this with the growing global investments…

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live music

In the Age of Streaming: Nothing Beats the Live Music

Concerts and live music performances give music fans a thrilling and exciting chance to watch their favorite artists perform on stage. The lights, stage, and the colossal sound system along with all-important atmosphere built by the crowd creates high enthusiasm and interest among music lovers to attend such events. Along with this, the passion and…

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