mobile gaming market

Mobile Gaming Market is Now the Largest Segment in the Global Gaming Industry

The global mobile gaming market is growing in an unprecedented rate. Over the last few years, the mobile gaming sector has evolved to become the largest revenue contributor in the global gaming industry, representing over half of its overall revenue generated worldwide. With the rapid growth in smartphone penetration and hardware innovations, an increasing number…

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esports games

Top 10 Esports Games in The World 2018

The electronic sports (esports) industry is hitting a serious growth spurt over the last few years, thanks in part to the emergence of a surge of esports league, and the incessant participation of numerous professional gamers and larger audiences. Nevertheless, the bourgeoning growth of competitive gaming is first and foremost fueled by games pioneered by…

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esports companies

Top 10 Esports Companies in the World in 2018

Electronic Sports (Esport) – the industry which has long been operating as a niche segment of the media and entertainment landscape is growing in popularity and grabbing the immense attention of gamers and audience across the world. With a rising number of events and tournaments being organized in several countries worldwide, esports has become competitive…

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Blockchain technology in gaming sector

Blockchain Technology is Emerging as the Next Big Thing in the Gaming Industry

From a purely console-based platform to a internet-based gaming model and now, digital gaming that includes innovations such as Augmented Reality(AR) and Virtual Reality(VR), there has been remarkable transformations in the gaming world over the past two decades. Combine this with the steady rise in the adoption of smartphones and radical enablers like blockchain technology, and…

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